Looking for the person who posted...............
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searching - December 15

Looking for the person who posted some time ago that they were ttc and when they went to the doctor to get tested, they found out they were 8 weeks pregnant!! If you are that woman, were you experiencing anything when you thought you weren't pg? were you getting a regular period? Thanks.


Anna - December 15

Huh? Me maybe? I was about eight weeks PG when I found out in September. Md kept telling me I wasn't and I had all neg. pregnancy tests.


Allie - December 16

Hi Anna, maybe it was you. In any event, could you tell me looking back now if you had any symptoms? Did you have AF? What did it look like (sorry for requesting tmi), but I have brown AF - First it starts day one RED, then day 2-3 brown discharge? Does this sound like anything you may have had? Thanks.


Anna - December 17

Hey Allie! I wasn't getting a normal af when I got PG. I actually hadn't had one for several months due to coming off BC. The af I had right before I got PG was Provera induced. I didn't have any bleeding or spotting when I got PG. But I know that there's a lot of women who get implantation spotting or a light af right after they get PG. Maybe that's what your experiencing? How many dpo are you? Implantation typically is between 6-10 days past ovulation. I was getting implantation cramping, bloating, feeling like I was going to start my af 8 dpo. I had all the normal pms s/s. About a week after the cramping started, my nipples started standing out (porn star nipples!) all the time. They would stand out if they were even lightly brushed. About a week after that, my nipples got tender to the touch. Oh, the week after the cramping started, I started having to pee all the time. I thought at first I might have a uti, but then I had no uti s/s. Just feeling like I had to pee ALL the time. This lasted for a few weeks, then stopped. My face kept breaking out and clearing up during this whole time. Overall, I just felt like something wasn't right or normal with me. Before I had the blood test, I just knew I was PG and was so surprised when they told me I wasn't. It wasn't until weeks later that I started doing research on false negative blood tests and wondered if that could be it. You really just have to trust your instincts. A woman knows her body best and can tell when something isn't normal. Good luck and let me know what comes about! **baby dust**



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