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andrea21 - July 18

Hi Mega,
Have you done laparoscopy, or any other type of surgery to help improve fertility? If you done mind me asking.


Mega - July 19

Hi Andrea! No I don't mind you asking at all. :) Yes, I have done a laporscopy, I had it done in Feb. It's funny b/c I almost answered your other post but didn't b/c my lap wasn't for blocked tubes. But I did read you have PCOS, me too. I had Ovarian Drilling done with my lap in Feb, which some REs like for PCOS others do not. It's not a good first pass thing though. I discovered after the lap & ovarian drilling that I responded to meds faster. Before on Clomid I was a late responder anywhere from CD 19 up to CD 22-23.After the surgery I always O'ed on meds around CD 12 to 13. Unfortunately even after the surgery I still will end up doing IVF but I think that's mainly b/c our male factor is worse now than when we first started. I was originally going to do the lap just to make sure everything was okay, no endo etc but since my RE was in the neighborhood anyway he decided to do the Ovarian Drilling too. I said go for it. So I think I read from your other post that you have blocked tubes? Good luck with the lap, the recovery is pretty quick & the info your dr gets from peaking inside is very valuable. I don't regret the surgery at all. You'll be sore a couple of days, but they give you lots of good meds. Make sure your dr doesn't leave before giving you a script for meds though. Mine did, fortunately a nurse asked if I had a prescription for pain meds & when I said no she tracked down a dr to call in 2 scripts for me! Another tip, bring throat logenzes to the hospital if they intubate you during surgery you'll have a sore throat afterwards. Mine wasn't bad though, & the logenzes worked instantly. Be prepared for the fact that you may pee A LOT that first night after surgery. The fluids they give you via IV during the surgery work there way out. At one point I was getting up like every 20 mins. on the dot for like 2 hours, you could set a clock to my bladder. The pain isn't bad, more soreness than anything. Just plan to take it easy, I had the surgery done on a Friday & I also took the following Monday off too. I felt okay Monday, I was off the pain meds but I did go out to lunch with my mom & then we ran an errand and I felt a little more tired than usual but other than that I felt okay. Now since you'll have your tubes worked on it's more invasive than just a diagnostic lap so you might be a bit tender in there. I had several holes drilled in my ovaries during my lap (Ovarian Drilling) & so I was a little tender too. But like I said not bad, plus it got my DH to cook & take care of me for a change. Which was a nice deviation of how things usually work in my house. LOL! Anyway, I think I wrote a novel here. I hope this info helps you. Does that answer your questions about the lap? Do you have a date set yet? Take care! Talk to you later...


andrea21 - July 19

Hi Mega, thanks for responding.
Yes I do have a date for the Lap : august 2nd, i'm actually going in tomorrow to do some bloodwork and paperwork before the surgery. On my pass clomid cycles I was ovulating around cd 16-17, my doctor hasn't suggested ovarian drilling though. I am trying 1 more iui after this surgery, if no luck still then we are moving to ivf.
Thanks for the advice about the throat logenzes, will keep that in mind.


Mega - July 19

You're welcome! Good luck tomorrow with the pre-surgery stuff. I doubt you need the Ovarian Drilling, if I wasn't already scheduled for the lap anyway I doubt my RE would even have suggested it. Very few PCOS women end up getting that done these days. I don't regret it myself though. I hope those tips help. Good luck on the 2nd, I'm sure it'll go really well. Let me know if you think of any more questions. I hope the last IUI does the trick for you. Baby Dust to you too!



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