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erika62897 - April 29

I am new to the forum...but it looks like there are many WONDERFUL people out there going through the same thing as my husband and I are. We have been trying to get pregnant for the last 2 years and finally began seeing a fertility specialist Sept 06. Well, first we were told that, individually, we were both fine. But, we had/have a negative "mucus/sperm interaction". In other words, my body kills off the sperm before they can reach the "promised land". So, we started IUI. After doing an IUI each month until March, we determined nothing was happening. I had my hysteroscopy and laparoscopy done this past Wednesday. Seems I had A LOT going on in there. Not only did I have tons of adhesions (I was told probably from way back when my appendix burst and I had an appendectomy), but my right tube was wrapped around my right ovary. After everything was cleaned up, my doctor said we have probably jumped up from 20-30% IUI success rate to 60-80%. I have my next IUI (and post-op) scheduled for May 7. Wish me luck. I know for everyone it is different...but what are the chances of this coming IUI working? Like I said...this is my first time with the forum, and I am just really looking for people to talk to that have had/are having the same problems to talk to and support one another. It gets frustrating trying to talk to my friends and family that have never had anything like this happen. Nobody else seems to understand the sadness and frustration that comes along with this. Okay...enough sob story. Thanks for listening and thank you in advance for all replies.


slowpoke01 - May 1

so sorry for all that you are going through. i can only imagine how hard this must be on you and hubby.it sounds like the chances are really good for you. good luck on the 7th


lovemy3 - May 1

Welcome and I'm glad things are getting sorted out, good luck on the 7th. xox


erika62897 - May 2

Thank you both so much! I have another question: with a negative "sperm/mucus" interaction like my dh and I have, will having bby #1 change the environment enough to be able to conceive naturally later on? Or, is it, "Once a problem, always a problem?" I keep meaning to ask my RE, but I keep forgetting...that and I am a little scared of jinxing the chances of baby #1. Any answers out there?



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