Looking for friends to talk to that will understand!
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WishIwasaMom - July 30

I have been ttc for 6 years, I am overweight, I am diabetic, and I have PCO. I would love to talk to my friends about all of this but they don't understand. None of them have any of my medical issues. All of them are pg or have been pg. My best friend just had a baby and it is really hard for me to be around her and him. I have talked to my doctors and they want me to have a histocellpingogram (sorry about Spelling) everytime I make an appointment to have it done something comes up... No medical coverage, No AF ... Is there anyone out there that I can talk to that will understand? I want to losse weight and be healthy, I want to take my medication but I forget or I just don't do it! I need help someone please help!


Sue - July 30

I know some of what you are feeling. I was diagnosed with pcos after ttc for 18 months. Before we started on treatment we fell pregnant, only to m/c at 13 weeks. This will be our 2nd month ttc since. When I m/c'd I was told by the doctor to lose weight but little does he know I have tried everything in the book and nothing has worked. The thing that gets me is seeing all these really really overweight people popping kids out left right and centre. I think if they can do it then why on earth can't I. I have one friend, one sil and one cousin, all pregnant and 2 of them are due within a week of what would have been my due date. Whenever I try to talk to them all I get is, "stop stressing, it will happen" I really don't think they have a clue. The one's who do show a little bit of interest or concern wonder why I am not going to see the private specialists available, (would be good if you could afford it-like if my husband was in the Navy and I was a cop like my sil), so obviously we are not doing everything we can to help the situation. It drives me nuts and I have only been going through it for 2 years so I don't know how i would handle it for as long as you have. What is a histocell........... thing? If you would like to email me you can on [email protected] I wish you all the best and look after yourself.


ANSWER - July 30

A Histocellpingogram is a x-ray of the tubes and uterus. To see if there is a blockage.


ann - July 30

hi, i can understand you perfectly, coz i am in the same boat. we have been ttc for 2 yrs now, am with pcos, and am overweight. i too am always frusrated that i cant lose weight, no matter what i do. i know there are many pple with our same problem. i dont know why God has to be so partial sometimes. my co-sister didnt want kids immediately after marriage, so they used protection. but lo, the very same month, she conceived! all my friends have kids too. i can very well understand what you are goin through. lets hope that medical science works its miracle someday, for all of us. Good luck to you


Jill - July 31

I know how you feel. I've only been ttc for 9 months, not long compared to you guys, but still too long. I am overweight, with PCOS, almost no hormones. My ovaries are no longer functioning. I've tried Clomid, but with no luck. I see all my friends having babies, some of these women weigh 20-40 pounds more than me! And then there are the ones that keep popping kids out, but not taking care of the ones they already have. Honestly, I just don't even think about it anymore. However, I wanted to let the PCO sufferers know; my doctor told me that going on birth control can help us! Take it for about 6 months, then stop, and it's regulated your cycle enough that you should be fertile for a few months. Thought I'd pass that on, maybe it will help someone. I'm trying it starting next month.


christina - July 31

i know how you gilrs feel! i am done after this cycle and we are looking into adopting, and i feel good about this less stressed now. i did clomid this month so we shall see.i have a friend who just got pregnant and throws it in our faces all the time, she even emailed us a picture of the pregnancy test saying pregnant! so besides family who are super supportive, i dont talk to my friends except one via phone in indiana who is awesome! the rest are driving me nuts and non understanding.


bump - August 22



For WishIwasamom from XOkimXO - August 22

First off let me tell you that i truely understand what you are going through. I to am over weight, borderline diabetic and have PCOS. I have been trying to concieve for a lil while now. I originally conceived on New Years eve which was the most wonderful experience however, i miscarried in march. Recently my husband and i decided that we wanted to try again. So far we have had no luck. I have been on 3 rounds of clomid and currently going on my 2nd round of femara. I am also on Metformin and a prenantal vitamin. I can tell you that all my life i have always forgotten to take my meds, however having a baby is the most important thing in my life right now, i needed to find a way to remember to take my pills. You have to get into a regimine. For instance.... i keep my pills next to my tooth paste and i know that i take them every morning and everynight when i brush my teeth. Also another good way is in a lil pill box on your night stand. When i was pregnant i put all my pills in the box and knew that taking them at night was a priority. Also if you use a organizer daily you should write it on the first and last things to do at night. Atleast you are honest with yourself about forgeting or just not doing it. You need to follow the docs orders if you want to have a baby. PCOS is not the end of the idea of conception, you can concieve... i am living proof of that however, you have to be strong and follow a daily routine. There are many websites out there that can help. There is a whole world out there in cyber space dedicated to helping women in our position. Take advantage of it, and keep it handy to give you the strength you need. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you would like to chat further.


amanda - August 22

i have been trying to conceive for 18mons and since that time 6 people i know have gotten pregnant,only 1 of which wanted to..i just found out about my sister in law getting pregnant today and it seems so unfair since i have been trying to get pregnant since before her and her husband even met..i broke down in front of my brother in law when he told me and everyone was looking at me like i was nuts because me and my husband never told anyone we were trying..i havent been to a fertility specialist yet but have just started taking ovulex so maybe that will help..if i dosent work iam going to go but right now iam feeling like its a lost cause...good luck to everyone out there hopefully u will get what u want very soon!!


For Amanda... From XOkimXO - August 22

First off you should take a step back and ask yourself have you done everything you need to do in order to make sure you can get pregnant. For instance, visit your OBGYN and discuss this situation with him/her. Let them know it has been over a year since you started trying. Also they will most likely suggest a semen analysis. My husband had one recently. There is nothing to it. Also they might do some prelim tests to make sure that you dont have anything such as PCOS or thing uterus lining. There are alot of questions you need to ask yourself adn them being some of do you ovulate regularly? Do you get regular periods? When did you go off birth control? Alot of factors contribute to why you are not getting pregnant... my personal opinion is to go to the best OBGYN you can find that is willing to walk you through it. If the OBGYN thinks you need a fertilty doc, then he/she will suggest one. Dont worry it will happen. And as far as all the people getting pregnant around you. Try and be happy for them, just like why you are going through the same thing you would expect them to happy for you. I know its hard to deal with, trust me darlin it know. In march I miscarried and yet all my friends seemed to be having babies. 4 of my friend even conceived all within a week of me. So needless to say, each one is getting ready to go in to labor within the next month or so and my husband and i spend our days charting and taking temps. Try relax, it will happen. feel free to contact me [email protected]


WishIwasaMom - August 24

Thanks everyone.



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