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dara23 - March 6

I have had 3 m/c's in the past year and a half. My OB doesn't seem very motivated to assist me, won't check my levels prior to pregnancies, her excuse is my age, 43, and that m/c's are expected. I have asked her for a referral to a fertility specialist. So, I am waiting for that. In the meantime, I do have a script for progesterone (Prometrium) and was curious to learn how I should start taking it. Since my OB isn't helping me, I feel I should help myself. Due to my age, I am starting to feel as if each second counts! Any thoughts on this? I had read that progesterone should be taken day 15 in cycle? I have also read, it should be taken the minute you fall pregnant. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My apologies if this question isn't posted in the correct thread...


linds99 - March 6

START temping and using an ovulation detection sticks. When your temps go up and stay up (and your ovulation sticks show positive lines) THEN you should take the progesterone. You want to really make sure you are starting only after ovulation, otherwise you may really screw things up. And just assuming that you take it on cycle day 15 is not enough, you may not ovulate till cd 16 or 17 or later....so you really need to be proactive about taking temps and using the sticks to give yourself peace of mind. good luck! You are right, it sounds like your doctor is blowing you off, wasting your time, even more reason to get stressed out when a doctor doesn't care that much. Sooo annoying when I read women who have doctor's like this.


dara23 - March 6

Thanks for the info...I will start taking my temps. I have used the ovulation sticks in the past, had positive on day 15, so that's why that # sticks in my head. I had a bfp on 2/7, m/c'd on 2/15...progesterone level was 1.9. I am worried that my eggs are shot, that's what my OB keeps saying. I have to believe there is ONE good egg left in me!!! Baby dust all around.*****;;;;;;***** Oh, have you heard of Fertility Blend?


linds99 - March 6

Your eggs do degrade with age as FSH hormones elevate. (Have you had your CD3 and CD 7 FSH levels checked to see how high they are at 43?) You may consider asking your doctor about testing your DHEAS. As we age, DHEAS lowers in the body. However, a new study is underway with women who have low DHEAS and how they actually get better egg quality with DHEAS "help" or supplementation. I guess a woman who was suffering from poor egg quality actually took it upon her self to supplement her cycle with DHEAS and she ended up having ovaries with follicle development that looked like a woman 10 years younger. (Women with PCOS that produce too many eggs actually have too high levels of DHEAS). I would ask your RE about running a battery of tests, including finding out your DHEAS levels, and maybe they can give you a kick start in that area. THe fact that you do get pregnant on your own is a very positive attribute for you...maybe all you really need is progesterone supplementation But at the right time. Good luck!


linds99 - March 6

Yes, I have used fertility blend. It contains Ovulex in it, right? (which does assist in ovulation. I don't see any reason why you shouldn't try it...but don't take it if you are on meds. Sometimes taking these things actually are counterproductive when you are stimulation meds.


marymo - March 7

Hi dara, I just started Prometrium this am. Im taking the gelcaps, 200 mg, twice in am and at night. My doc told me to use the ovulation kit and to take 3 days post ovulation. I ovulated on March 3rd, started today. My progesterone levels last year were 8, had them retested this year, they were 10. She gave me the option of progesterone or Clomid. Im gonna give progesterone a try first, (wishful thinking). But may eventually try Clomid. Sorry for your miscarriages, are you trying for your first baby?? Good luck to you........


dara23 - March 7

Hi, girls...linds, thank you so much for all the great info. I BEGGED my OB to test my FSH and other levels prior to trying again and she flatly refused, telling me, "you just call me when you get pregnant, and we will check levels then". I think maybe she was disappointed when I showed up in her office 5 months later!! I am still waiting for her to let me know she has referred me to a fertility specialist...if I don't hear from her by Tues. next week, I am calling the head of the OB/GYN department. I hate to be so aggressive/assertive, but this is MY LIFE!!!! Sometimes, the doctor just isn't right for you, and we shouldn't be afraid to say, this just doesn't fit. .. .....Since I just had the m/c on 2/15, I think I should just chill and wait until I start AF, and then start charting temps and doing the ovulation kit tests. I don't want to mess up my cycle. Thanks for letting me vent...
marymo....good luck to you as well, lots of baby dust and positive thoughts...I am trying to stay positive, as well. We are trying for our third child. I am blessed with two girls, age 4 & 3. My first baby was at age 38 and then 39...I had no problems with conceiving and carrying to full-term, great midwife deliveries. I do understand the pain of ttc, and the heartbreak of m/c. I know I' m lucky to have had my first 2 children...I wish you luck and BFP. Please let me know how the progesterone works out! Thanks for sharing....


marymo - March 7

Dara, Im too trying for my third baby. I have an 8 and 4 year old. Conceived and carried them without any problems whatsoever. Isnt it just frustrating!!!!! Ive been trying for 2 1/2 years for this third baby. I just have a feeling the progesterone is not going to help. I may just give the Clomid a try. My DH isnt too thrilled about the idea, but maybe he will change his mind. Ill be 37 in a few months, Im not sure how much more of the emotional strain I can take. Esp. when my kids keep asking "when am I going to have another baby". Its very painful. I hope everything works out for you too!!!!


Blakey - March 8

Hi Dara,
First off: I would find another doctor. Wow, can't beleive your ob isen't supportive, that is just awful! I am 41 and just tested positve, on Feb. 26th. We have been TTC for 5 yrs. I have been with a fertility clinc for 2 and 1/2 yrs. My former Re was not supportive with me, and was prescribing all the wrong protocols. I was then introduced to a new RE, whom I lked from the get go. She was so positive, and was pointing out good things with my cycle. I went through IVF/ICS and she modified my protocol, and i developed 11 follicles. I couldn't beleive it! She upped my meds, and then I had 2 embryos transferred. She never gave up on me, and was making me feel like she was on my side...and that's how it should be. Not to mention, today you hear of women having children right into their early-mid forties. My sister was 47 when she had her 2nd child. She looks 10 yrs younger, and has good reserve. So if your not getting the support you want, leave your Doctor. Theirs a lot of Dr.'s out there who would love to be helping you, and they'll be cheering you on! Sorry for your frustration, and for what you've been through. Hope you find a dr. who will help you achieve what you want. Kim


dara23 - March 8

Thanks, Kim, I wish I could just jump ship, but with my health insurance, I have to have a referral for everything, so I have to wait until she gives me the go ahead. She should have sent me after my last m/c in Sept. 06, when she had to perform an emercency D&C. I wish I had asked her then!!!
Marymo...it is frustrating. But, I am not giving up hope. I may be 43, but I don't look or feel it (whatever that means!) ,and I sure hope my eggs don't either! I am thinking about switching my health plan to a PPO, one that will let me see any Doctor I want. Keep the faith, girls!! We can do this! ********



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