Looking For a Woman Named Hope..
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Hope - May 18

Yes I bought the pregnancy tests and the ovulation strips from the same site.


Amanda - May 18

My dr sd that all my FSH levels showed was that my ovaries had the potential to 'O'. Is that what you thought??


Amanda - May 19

Do you what kind of OPK test you liked the best?


Hope - May 19

Did the dr. sugguest day 15 tests. to actually see if your ovulating. If your not sure, it may be a good idea to chart your BBTs. To answer your ? about OPK I liked the digital monitor (a little expensive) or the generic strips that I found on http://www.ovulation-predictor.com


Amanda - May 19

Hope I am on cycle day 15 today should I call my Dr and see if I can come in for the test tommorrw? i have to have the blood work done for the prolactin levels


Amanda - May 19

Also on another posting I saw were you telling Val about where you could have some procedures done and If they weren't successful you got your money back. Could you explain that to me with some details.


Hope - May 19

Shared Risk Programs - Such as http://www.shadygrovefertility.com/shared.cfm For a quick overview on IUI.


Justine - May 19

Amanda - I'd ask your doctor again about the count. A normal sperm count in England is 20 million per ml - in which case .05 is extremely low but it maybe they use a different system where you are. My husband's count was 13 million, with low motility 30% and low morphology. All my tests came back normal. I had to do IVF with ICSI (IVF with sperm injected into egg) - our only option - it was horrible but it worked first time and I'm now 15 weeks. Good luck.


Amanda - May 19

Hope how are you feeling?? Heard anything else?


Amanda - May 19

Hope what is IVF with ICSI????? I have heard of IVF but not the other.


Justine - May 20

Amanda - IVF with ICSI is a treatment for male infertility. It's exactly the same as normal ivf but then the doctors inject the sperm into the egg. With normal IVF and severe male infertility sometimes no eggs will fertilise with ICSI around 70% will. Its normally a little bit more expensive than normal IVF but improves your chances a lot of over normal IVF. My hospital in England does not use normal IVF for anyone with male infertility because ICSI has much better results. I did daily injections for 2 weeks (Cetrorelix plus Puregon) (horrible) then had an egg collection (not nice). Husband supplied sperm which was injected into eggs then a few days later had embryo trnasfer (really easy). Then had progesterone vaginally for 2 weeks (no big deal). It worked first time for me but often takes a few tries.



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