Looking for 2ww buddies...
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Liezel - March 27

Hey ladies... I'm looking for some ladies who share thier symptoms and worries during our 2 ww . Both DH and i are 27 and are ttc#1 with PCOS. We are seeing a RE and this was our first month of ttc with help. I took clomid 150mg days 3-7 and finally after 2 years O'd. So now i am 4 dpo and driving myself crazy looking for symptoms. I go back to the clinic on April 5th for a blood test to check for pregnancy. Until then, I could really use some tww buddies. Here are the symptoms i seem to think i have.... abdominal aches that last a few seconds then disappear and major hot flushes. No sore boobs or nausea yet.... but I'm hoping i feel something soon. I know it is still early and i know that not everyone feels something before getting a bfp....but a girl can hope. Anyways love to hear from some of you soon. :)


tanner789 - March 27

girl i hate to bust ur bubble but its very earlt in the cycle to be feeling any symptoms, the hot flashes are probably from the clomid, as for the abdominal aches that could be the very beggining but i wouldnt look into it too much this early b/c your mind can play tricks on you. but if you want i suggest the website twoweekwait.com, it has women who felt symptoms ranked by how many days past o' so check it out, im not saying you didnt conceive i just would try not to drive urself nuts, by the way how do you know u o'wd did they do us and bw?


cbella - March 27

Hi Liezel! I'm 8 or 9 dpo (not positive when I o'ed) and I know what you mean about analyzing every symptom. I'm trying hard this cycle not to think about it too much (yeah right). This is my 2nd cycle on clomid 100mg cd 5-9. I o'ed last month with a prog. level of 9.5. This month my level was 13.3--yay! I'm very hopeful...I had a dip in temps this morning, but when I took my temp again (just to be sure!) my therm. read error...hmm. My boobs are very very sore, but that could just be from the clomid as they were last month also. Good luck waiting until April 4th. I'm here if you'd like me to wait it out with you!


Liezel - March 27

Hi cbella... I would love a waiting buddy. When are you gonna test? Hi Tanner...don't worry my bubble isn't busted because i know as a Nurse that it is very early in my cycle to feel symptoms.....but as a normal woman who has been ttc for 23 months...that doesn't stop my mind from over analyzing every ache and symptom that might be linked to pregnancy. I know the clomid is not affecting me because it leaves your body about a week after the last pill is taken. I was monitored very closely by my RE and i know I o'd (for sure) on Mar 23. I had a total of 5 ultrasounds and BW done last week to ensure that my DH and i BD at the right times. I know that doesn't mean i conceived, but at the same time i like to hope that it might have happen and to stay positive. All a girl can do in this situation is hope and pray. I know i will get a BFP, I just wish that it will be this cycle. After 23 months of BFN and hundreds of - opk's I went to a RE and underwent numerous blood tests and other invasive testing.... I now know i have Pcos. Anyways... I have been on clomid before...lower doses and i didn't O. So needless to say we are very excited, since this is the first time I have O'd in the 23 months that we have been ttc. I guess i am just looking for others who are going through the same thing as me... and to know that i am not alone.



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