Long cycles...
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Jena - August 26

Ever since I got off the pill in Jan My cycles have gone from 40-50 + days. We have been ttc since march. Does anybody else have his problem?


beth - August 26

I have this problem. My cyles are around 45 days, does this mean I am not ovulating?


CJ - August 26

I got off the pill in Oct. and my cycles for the first few months were 30 days. After the third month off BCP I went 60+ days without AF and that's how it's been ever since. My doc thinks that I'm not ovulating because of this and I'm now on Clomid. I think there are tests that your doc can do though to see if you are ovulating or you can try using the OPK's. I think you can still O on a long cycle. Good luck!


Ericka - August 26

I got off bc last November and it took 6-7 months for my cycle to regulate. I only got my period 3 times during that time. I was using an opk the last 2 of those months and it never showed I ovulated. Since the end of may my cycles have regulated to 32 days. I am now taking my temps and doing opk's and have finally started ovulating. Good luck!!


Jena - August 27

Cj and Erika,
where are you in your cycle now? I am at day 35 and yesterday I had dull aching pains in what feels like my right ovary. I have read that this can be a sign of ovulation. So I am hoping this is right. I took clomid for the first time this month on July 27 (day 3-7) and it didnt bring my cycle closer together but I am hoping I am still ovulating


Ericka - August 27

Hi Jena, I am on cycle day 17. I usually O around cycle day 22, so that would be the middle of next week. I don't get any signs of O except for a + opk and my temps rising. Are you charting your temps to know if you are ovulating?


Jena - August 27

Hi Ericka,
No, I am not sure how to go about doing that. Where do I get the special thermometer. When do I start charting? Also Can I have a blood test done to tell if i ovulated?


CJ - August 27

Jena- I am on CD 39 now and just started AF (so I guess it's CD1 now). I used OPK's until CD21 when the bloodtest showed that I did not ovulate. I guess I could have ovulated later but I stopped using OPK's so I don't know! They can do a bloodtest on CD21 to check your progesterone level. This will tell if you ovulated.


Ericka - August 28

To chart your temps you can use any digital thermometer, you can buy them at target or walmart. You have to take it before you get up every morning and you have to have at least 3 hours of sleep. When you notice a consistent rise in your temps that means you have ovulated. Your are suppose to start charting the first day of your cycle which is the first day you get AF. There is alot more to it, check out www.fertilityfriend.com. they give you all the info you need and do the charting for you.



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