Liver issue - problems with digestion and ttc
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Trish - December 4

Hi everyone, I'm a bit concerned. I've always had this yellowy/white stain on my tongue but never really worried about it and just went on eating and drinking what I usually did and then my husband and I decided we wanted to have kids so we started ttc which was a while ago with no luck. I happened to notice one day at work a girl working beside had the same colour on her tongue but she reckoned it was to do a lack of Vitamin B12 and wasn't too worried about it but I decided to do a bit more investigating and went to my local naturopath and she told me it was to do with the Liver and digestion problems and put me onto Digestive Aid tablets. I think its been a couple of months since i've been taking them and some days the colouring has nearly gone and others my tongue is coated. We still aren't pregnant yet and I'm really worried this digestion problem is going to cause major heartache. Has anyone else had this problem but still had success conceiving? If you could please let me know. Good luck to everyone.



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