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heather - December 28

if i had sex on dec 26 and i'm ovulatingtoday what are my chances that i'm pregnant


tammy_scotland - January 13

i am not spotting does that mean i'm not pregnant but got most of the other symptoms being sick at different times just little bits at time and also i cant sleep please help i'm stressing?


???? - January 13



angelA - April 2



Jaqi - April 2

Call the dr angelA before you take any meds....if not, call the hospital and ask.


colleen631 - April 18

Thats what I am trying to find out


manda06 - November 3

my name is manda and i think that iam pregant but dont know how far i have missed a feww days of my period but i dont wanna get a pregancy test becuase iam scared some one plz tell me what to do and i have been having some symptoms like my lower back has been hurting stoh ben hurting like iam bout to come on my period someone give me some advice


only4wks2go - February 18

LMAO...this was something funny to read... it was like a delayed chat lol anyways yea ya'll should try out the chats...they r awesome u just go there of course and then go to community and then chats and scroll down and go to where is says chat now....that is my favorite place im on there everyday!!!!!!!!! ya'll should rly check it out...and u can personalize ur babys calandar and your childs if u want hope to c ya'll there


Blakey - February 18

I wish I did. I too, would love to be involved in a live chat. It is so helpful to be able to talk with women who are going through the same emoptions as we are. If you hear of one, please let me know. Thanks, and sorry I couldn't help.


elimuniz - October 27

nope i just started this thing


southernraised27 - October 28

hello everyone. I have a question


christy2 - November 8

PLEASE HELP CONFUSED! I take Yaz birth control pills however, sometimes not at the same time everyday and me and my boyfriend do not use condoms. Anyway after my last period ended on Oct.28th me and my boyfriend had sex have had sex almost every other day. Well one of the days that we did have sex I had forgotten to take my pill on time and I want to say that I took it about 3 to 4 hours before we had sex. Now I am having period like cramps and my period isn't due until Nov.20th , and I have been feeling reallly queasy lately sometime so bad it feels like I am going to throw up, and my nipples are unusually sensitive to touch and even clothes but they are not sensitive enough to hurt. Is it possible that I am pregnant because I took my pill late? Or could it be a side effect of my birth control eventhough I have never experienced these symptoms before?


Jules_05 - November 8

I've been off the pill now for 4 months, and used a home ovulation test for the first time. I went through 2 boxes and was not able to detect my LH surge - all tests I took came out negative. However, I still started my period.. well what I think is my period. Does anyone know if it's possible that my body is not ovulating???



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