Light spotting
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Antonette - May 23

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for the last 4 years. He has low sperm count. We went through ivf but he was not able to produce anything that was motil. We both started taking these vitamin called fertilaid if is two week after my period and today I started spotting and feeling a little sick my next period is two weeks away is the spotting a sign of preganacy or could I just be too anxious?


Jill - May 23

On average, how long is your cycle? If it's around 28 days, then you should be ovulating right now. You can have lots of symptoms of pregnancy when you ovulate, I get the same things. It's just the hormones fluctuating, don't worry. Even if you ovulated early, and the egg was fertilized, it won't implant until about a week before you start your period. I know it's the most ridiculous thing to say when you've been trying to conceive as long as you have, but relax. Getting anxious makes it even harder to get pregnant. My advice is just pray for your heart to have His peace, and for Him to give you the most precious miracle, a child of your own. God can perform the greatest miracles.



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