light, late period
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vicki - February 17

i was late on my period this month and then i started. (graphic detail) there was only a quarter sized amount of blood the first night. second day was medium flow but only one pad, today only pea sized amount. i had a lot of cramps this time. each month cramping is worse. i took some hpt's since i was late but they were all neg. so i know that i'm not pg, any idea as to what it could be? maybe just stress or something? ~vicki


Lindsay - March 4

I'm in the same spot ur in..I was 2 weeks late..and took a test neg..then went to a clinc and they could not tell went 2 my doctors today..and neg..but she gave me a blood test to make sure..because i have been feeling really sick..throwing up..breaking out, and my tummy has been killing me..

good luck!


mona - March 10

I am in the same boat. I had unprotected sex around ovulation last month. I was late and my breast were sore and I was feelinf lightheaded but I have had negative test results from hpt's. Today I have got my perid but it is unusually light. I'm going crazy. am I p regnant or not. Is it just spotting. someone please help.


Mary - March 21

I have the same problem. Last month period was one week late. (devastated) I was convinced I was pregnant, sore boobs and exhausted, but I wasn't pregnant, just late for the first time in years!Always had a 28 day cycle since I came off the pill last September. I charted cervical mucus this month and it wasn't very clear but I think I only ovulated on day 22 so may that means period won't start for another week? No sore boobs or tiredness and no period yet? Anyone else experience this?


lucy - May 9

yeh i dunno sounds a lil like me but i have a very inregular period and iv been gettin all the pregnany sytoms and today i woke up i was bleeding and my stomach has been achin more then usal its a very light color usally its dark i had a preg test and its neg but i know im pregnant i can feel it wats rong with me lucy


Melissa - May 9

Hi Vicki. I had very regular periods. Then I skipped one all of a sudden (it was almost 2 months late). So, of coarse I took several hpt all -, then got blood work and it was -. At the same time my dr also check my hormone levels they too were normal. So, she sent me to get a u/s. Well, I have a cyst on my righ ovary. Not much pain with it, so she didn't think I had one until u/s. But, now we know that's why I didn't. My last period was 2/23, then I spotted REALLY light around 4/15 for 2 days only, and I just started yesterday 5/8. So, we're going to look into meds to make af come even though I have a cyst. I would suggest you see your doctor. Good luck.


Sarah - May 22

My stomach hurt really bad, it has for about a week now. Like hungry pains almost. So, I'd eat and it would be better for a few hours. Then I got my period, cramps as usual. But, I'm usually a heavy bleeder to start then I get lighter as the week goes on. This time, I'm so light, it's a little scary.

If you suddenly have more sex than usual, harder or more aggressive than usual around your time, it does factor in a little.

I'm only glad I have to bear with this for about 4-5 days every 5.5-6 weeks!


k - May 30

I'm in the same spot. I was 2 weeks late and I tooked test and came out - and now I think I have my period but it not normal to me. I have really bad cramps I feel like I am going to throw up. I don't now what to do.My bleeding is light and it hurts to put a tampond in.


ANDREW - June 9

i dont know but my gf is in the same situation. have you heard any thining form anyone.


Meg802 - July 21

I am going through same thing. Been on 28 day cycle for 10 yrs. now am 4 days light and all hpt are neg. Am dizzi, nauseous as heck, boobs sore too today started light spotting but still feel like i could be preg. any ideas?


Bonnie - July 26

I'm in the same boat. Had that happen a few times and its going on right now. I want to have a baby and it makes me all depressed because every time I get tested it comes up negative:( Been trying for almost a year now and I'm only 23 I'm beginning to think theres something wrong with me.


Bonnie - July 26

the last few days I have had nausea, fatigue, a bad stomach ache and a feeling of weakness.


Bonnie - July 26

and my period still hasn't came yet. It will it always does and its usually right after I test negative on a pregnancy test. I aint fallin for my bodies cruel games anymore.



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