Lifestyle Chages while TTC, Need Advice!
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Alyssa1 - June 8

I am 34 and trying to concieve. I have some horrible habits I am trying to break. I am a total Diet Coke addict. I have cut caffine out of my diet but was told artifical sweetners where a bad thing. Any suggestions on something that is low cal, without caffine or artificial sweetners? I know water is good for me but I have to have something with flavor some of the time!


JB0405 - June 8

Hey Alyssa... try looking into a drink called Steez. It's green tea infused with flavor & soda(like club soda)...either raspberry, lime, etc... I love it... try let me know


Ann1 - June 8

I like sparkling water (Perrier, Pellegrino, etc.) with a squeeze or lime, lemon, or orange.


crystal74 - June 8

get caffiene free diet pepsi or coke, that's what we drink.


soimpatient - June 8

caffeine free diet coke still has artificial sweetners. I'm going to try the sparkling water idea!


crystal74 - June 8

your damned if you do or damned if you don't. drinking water seems to be the only safe way then. everything these days is bad for you.


Shauna - June 8

Diet Rite...It is what the contestants used on Biggest Loser. I live in Canada and it is available at Sobees food store. I don't know where it is in the states...Do you have Sobees? It is sweetened with Sucralose/Splenda, It is really good and it has been approved by my dr that if I feel I need ot drink 'soda' then Diet Rite is the one for me....It has no sodium too. comes in tangerine, red rasp, blueberry? cola and grape i think. Hope this helps


Ann1 - June 8

Crystal, I know what you mean about everything being bad for you. I drink a ton of water. They say that, even if you drink other things that contain water, you should still drink 64oz of water per day, especially if you drink caffeinated drinks (because caffeine is a diuretic). I keep a big bottle at work and refill it. It makes it easier for me to be sure I am drinking enough by having a liter bottle to measure with. I also like to drink milk, although the calories add up with that if you drink too much.


crystal74 - June 8

i know what you mean ann, i drink around 80 oz of water a day, give or take. i do drink milk for dinner and breakfast sometimes. not everyday. but my honey found caffeine free diet pepsi and he loves it. it's better than diet pepsi but maybe i should get that diet rite. we don't have soobee's here though, wait we do have a soobee's, but it's a strip club i went to on my 21st birthday. hahaha. i don't think they sell diet rite there. i have seen diet rite though in our stores


Ann1 - June 8

I like all kinds of pop, but I don't drink much of it (maybe 1 per week, if that). I do have my one cup of half milk/half coffee every morning. I can't give that up!


crystal74 - June 8

well my husband did quit smoking ciggs in april 05, and quit mj and drinking this feb. I quit smoking ciggs on halloween and everything else at the beginning of the year. we started eating healthy in feb too.


Ann1 - June 8

crystal, good for you and your dh!! I know smoking is a hard thing to quit. My mom died from it in 2001, and she had a tough time always trying to quit and never doing it (until it was too late).


crystal74 - June 9

i'm sorry to hear that. yes i feel so much healthier.



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