Life After IUI 7
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Elyse - July 20

Hey everyone - that thread was getting too long - or am I just too lazy to scroll? Anyway, I do the HCG tonight and mock transfer tomorrow, then retrieval Sat at 8 am. They saw 6 on the right between 15 and 20mm and 7 on the left between 14 (2 of them) and 21mm. I am very hopeful. Has anyone done the mock? Did it hurt? So what about everyone else? How are you all doing? Updates? I am craving conact from all my buddies.


Elizabeth444 - July 21

Good Morning. Elyse, with my ivf, they didn't do a mock transfer, but I suppose it must be the same as the transfer itself, and that was not painful at all. It's exactly the same as the IUI procedure. Good luck for the retrieval on Saturday. Don't forget to drink lots of water after the procedure, especially if you're in alot of pain. It really helps, believe me. I got my prediction back from Cheri.... according to her Feb. will be my concieve month or the month I find out or the birth month, and it's going to be a Boy. I don't really believe this prediction stuff, but I just did it to see her reply. We'll see next year if she was right. Ann and Carole, how are you doing?


Carole - July 21

Hey Guys! Just checking in before I leave for vacation today. I have been reading all week but not a lot of time to post. ELYSE: I am so excited for you. I know you are nervous too. I hope you have a lot to make it to 5days. I also hope the birthday party goes well tomorrow. She is 2 right?? I will have my computer with me so I will be checking in. I want to hear all the details. I know this is it for you! ANN: I have been praying that everything continues to go well. I hope your ultrasound goes well on the 24th. ( that is my dh's bday) ELIZABETH: When is your transfer going to be??? I gotta run ladies. Take care and good luck! Oh, cd22, no temp shift and no O is sight. Oh well!!!


Ann1 - July 22

Hi all. I have been working at a client's office, so I have been mia (can't get on the net there). Elizabeth, I got a prediction from Cheri, too. She said April for the conceive, find out pg, or the birth month and a boy. Assuming all goes well with this pg, she was wrong! Oh well, it was fun anyway. When do you get started again? Elyse, I hope you feel well enough to post today. I can't wait to hear how many eggs you got!! Fill us in on everything, and I hope all is well. Carole, happy Oing! Nothing is going on w/me except waiting for the 25th! All seems to be going well (no spotting or anything, although I have dreamed about bleeding countless times).


Elyse - July 23

Hi all. ANN, I hope the time flies from now til Tuesday. Carole - hope you had a wonderful time. Elizabeth - thanks for the info - the mock transfer was just like a regular OB exam - speculum, a litle pressure, but no pain - over in 2 minutes. I had 14 follies on Friday. The ER on Sat went well - they retrieved 12 eggs - a dozen (sounds so weird). I just got the call - 9 fertilized and we'll see what happens tomorrow. I have to say, this is worse than the 2ww. Maybe b/c I have no idea how many will last and then after the ET, we still have the 2ww - UGH! I was in so much pain yesterday - couldn't sit b/c of the pain in my belly - feels like horrible gas pains - it's from all the fluid. I still have quite a bit of pain today, but it will be easier to relax b/c the party is over. It was a success despite the rain. We set up a tent and the kids played in the rain until it got too heavy, then we came inside a wrecked the house. It was fun.


Ann1 - July 23

Elyse, that is SO great!! Wow, 9 fertilized. I am hoping for all of them to make it. When do you get an update on them? I am sorry you were in pain but very glad you were able to post. I have been wondering and wondering about you!!


Elyse - July 23

Hi Ann, my angel. I am in pain still. Ironically, the pain of fluid filled ovaries is a breeze compared to the pain of an empty uterus. The lab will call with an update each morning on how the little guys are doing. It is a struggle to get through the morning hours until the 1st call comes.


Ann1 - July 23

Oh, Elyse. I am so excited with you!! I may not be able to post tomorrow (at a that client's office again), but I will be checking in constantly. I am counting the minutes w/you!


Elyse - July 24

OK, darling - I will post after I get the call. But today they called my home phone instead of my cell, so I am afraid to leave the house tomorrow. maybe I'' call them early and tell them to call my cell with the info.


Elizabeth444 - July 24

Wow, Elyse, 9 fertilized. That is a very good number! Have you recieved any more news yet? Are you feeling better today, or are you still in alot of pain? Take it easy, OK? You're in my thoughts! This one is going to work...I can feel it. Ann, is your appointment today or tommorow? Good luck, I'm sure everything will be fine, but it will be great if the doctor can confirm it, and you don't have to worry so much. Carole, enjoy your holiday!


Elyse - July 24

Hi Elizabeth - thanks for the concern. I am still in some pain, but it is so much better today. I got the call this morning. I still have 9 embies and the lab says it looks like it will be a day 5 transfer. Yippee!! Ann - I am so anxious for your appt tomorrow - good luck and please post as soon as you can. What time is the appt?


Elizabeth444 - July 25

Jay, Elise! Go eggies go! Think about a couple of day's time, you might be pregnant...exciting thought, isn't it? Ann, good luck with you appointment today. I'm anxiously waiting to hear from you!


Ann1 - July 25

Elyse, what wonderful news!! You can't ask for more than 100% of the fertilized ones! My appt is at 1:00CST. I am not sure if I will be able to post later today (going back to a client), but I will let you guys know asap. Are there any updates today from your lab?


Elyse - July 25

Thanks, Elizabeth and Ann. You are probably at your dr as I write this - good luck - let us know how it goes. OK, here 's the news for today. I have 3 grade 1, 8-cell embies. There are 2 rade2, 7 to 8-cell with 10% fragmentation and the other 4 are 9-13 cell embies. The embryologist said that they have no idea why they divided so much so fast, but embies like that usually don't compact, so they will probably be tossed. As of now, I have a great chance of having at least a few blasts for ET on Thursday. I am so relieved.


Elizabeth444 - July 26

Elyse, good luck for today. With those excellent embies, it should definately work! I'll be thinking about you. Ann, how did your appointment go? I can't wait to hear the results!


Ann1 - July 26

Elyse, that is great! How many will you transfer on day 5? My appt went extremely well, except for about jumping out of the chair when they took 4 vials of blood! The clot is completely GONE!! The baby over doubled in size, since July 14--from 13mm to 27.26mm--and the heart rate is 179bpm. It is measuring about 4 days bigger than average, but the dr said that is expected, since dh and I are taller than average. I am so relieved!!


cristina - July 26

Oh Ann I knew everything was going to turn out just fine. I am so happy for you. Wasn't it amazing to hear the heart beat? That heartbeat is a very strong heartbeat. Which is a very good sign. Yes, the first actual visit they take a lot of blood from you because they have to check out all your genetics, blood type, vaccinations etc. But after that...its a breeze. Especially compared to the fertility treatments we have. They just take out one vial from now on. I am so glad everything is working out for you. I'm sure you feel more assured after hearing the heartbeat and seeing your little nut. Elyse.....I'm glad to hear the good news from you too. I hope the transfer will be a success. It sounds like this round will be successful one. Much luck!! Good luck tomorrow...



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