Life After IUI 6
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Carole - June 12

Hey There! Just got back from follie check and things are looking fine. Dr. seems satisfied. I have a 21, 12 on the right and a 19, 14, 13, 12 on the left. No more injections as he is afraid that the next group might mature enough to be triggered and that is way too many!! I trigger tonight, bd tonight and do insemination on Wed. morning. I am taking the day off just so I can take it easy and not be stressed. Then the 2ww starts. Hopefully we will have lots more action going on with Elizabeth and Elyse and IVF. Ann, you also have your surgery this month, so we will be here for you too!! It has been quiet today. HOpe everyone is doing alright! Talk to ya soon!


Elyse - June 13

Hey everyone. WOW - so much going on. Grenn - I almost forgot you have 3 at home aleady - but it's true - we are only given what we can handle - even if we don't think we can handle it at the time. Ann, what day is your surgery? What exactly will the dr do? Elizabeth - thank for the info - very helpful. I stop bcp tonight and day 3 is thurs and I start my meds then. Carole - lookin' good luck and have fun bd'ing. Ann - how you doing?


Elizabeth444 - June 13

Hi, today I feel like a whale. I'm so bloated it's not even funny. I had my last follie check yesterday. There were alot of follies. He stopped counting at about 10. So this morning was my last shot, tonight I trigger, and the retrieval is scheduled for Thursday morning. I'm actually looking forward to it - having the day off and just sleeping. I hope this time I won't have as much pain as last time. I won't be able to post tomorrow, so Carole, good luck with your iui! I'll be thinking about you! I'll be joining you in the 2ww soon. Elyse, good luck with your meds and stuff. Take it easy - the next two weeks will fly by. I'll speak to you again next week.


Carole - June 13

Good Afternoon! Well the day is flying by for me. Thank goodness! I had to take dd to the dentist this morning. That was an experience. She went hysterical for a while and then calmed down. I should have taken her earlier for sure! Well, tomorrow is the big day. Thanks for the luck. I am taking off tomorrow so I can just put my feet up and rest. I can't remember the last time I did that. I am always on the go and to be still is hard for me. Dh and I bd lastnight, neither of us wanted to but we are following all the instructions. GAve the trigger of Ovidrel, but it was not the intramusculare one, just in the tummy. So my shots are over. ELYSE: Day 3 is almost here. How long will you have to take injections for? Are you on stronger medicine this time to get lots of follicles? Is dp feeling better? ELIZABETH: Congrats on all of your follicles. I hope that you have lots to fertilize and they are strong ones. So they will put them back in on day 3 or 5, so you may have to go over the weekend, right? Yes, we will be in the 2ww together. I will be doing progesterone suppositories too for the 2ww. Yuck, but if it helps. So I know af won't come when it is supposed to. I will have to take a test. Guess I will know by the end of June! Good luck with your retrieval Elizabeth. Can't wait to hear about it. ANN: Where are you? Talk to you ladies tomorrow! Thanks for the support as always!


Ann1 - June 13

Hi everyone. I am around--just nothing to post while I am on "hold." Elizabeth, that is great you have lots of follies. Good luck and we will look forward to your next post. Elyse, I am just having a hysteroscopy. They go in vaginally and remove my fibroids. I had one last May when I had a polyp, and it is not a big deal. How is everything going with you? how is your dp? Carole, that is very unusual that your dr has you and your dh bd so close to iui. My drs both 3+ days of saving up is best but don't wait over one dr said 7 days and the other said 8. My dh has gotten the best counts at around 5 days of no "clearing out." Good luck w/your iui!


Carole - June 14

Hey Girls! Well I am home from iui. Been home for a while. Met my girlfriend for Mexican (my favorite) after I was done. Figured I'm off work, why the hell not. The iui went really well. It was done and over with b/f I knew he even put the tube in. Got an ultrasound b/f and my 2 large follicles were still there. So hoping I ovulate in the next 12 hours or so. RE said we should bd tonight as well. I think dh is worn out but he will pull thru. So now it is just waiting. I start prometrium on Sat. and he told me do do an hpt on June 30th. ANN: RE wanted us to bd on Mon. just in case one of my eggs popped b/f the iui. I guess it can't be any worse that back to back iui's. Dh's SA was pretty good. It said 198 million post wash and 69% motility with a 3+ progression. It was actually better than the one he did 5 years ago. I think we are more healthy now though. Thanks for all the advice and input. I am sure I will be analyziing over the next 2 weeks. I hope it goes by fast and I won't stress about it. Yeah right! We have done what we could, just hope it was enough. ELIZABETH:: Good luck tomorrow with retrieval. Will be looking forward to your post. ANN: I know you are just hanging out but don't go away, you will be back in the game soon. ELYSE: You start your meds tomorrow?? You looking at a week of meds and then retrieval or will it take longer?? What if you get multiples like green? Well ladies, I think I am going to take a nap. I will check in tomorrow. TAke Care!


Ann1 - June 14

Carole, glad the iui went so well and great counts for dh! Did they do an u/s right before iui so you would see what follies ruptured?


Elyse - June 14

Hey all. ANN - I had the hystersocopy - no biggie - no pain or anything. I thought you were having something else - my mind is lost. Yes, I start the shots tomorrow. I am very excited. We have talked about the chance of multiples...we will only have 3 transferred if day 3 and 2 transferred if day 5, so the chance for multiples beyond twins is VERY slim.


Elyse - June 14

Oh yeah, and we will do the shots for 10-14 days b/f the retrieval, depends on my response.


greeneyedgemini616 - June 15

ELYSE so when is your procedure?? I am going for the second u/s this afternoon and they will confirm all 3 are still there. The morning sickness is horrible I feel like throwing up every time I eat something. How is DP doing??? ANN how are you doing? Any updates?? Are you hanging in there?? I know this have to be so hard for everyone. I know those feelings all to well. I am still trying to comprehend that i actually got pg. I never thought it would happen. Let me in on how everyone is doing. I will keep everyone posted on the triplets. Good Luck and lots of Baby Dust!!!!!!


Elyse - June 15

Since dp is going thru a pretty tough time now, we have postponed the cycle - 1-2 months. Green - please let us know how it goes today.


Ann1 - June 15

Elyse, I am sorry you have to postpone your cycle. I know how tough the waiting is. I guess we can be on-hold buddies--ugh! Maybe we will be going through ivf around the same time. Hi Green, nope, no new news with me at all. Good luck at your check up. Elizabeth, how are you??? I hope everything went/is going ok. I am looking forward to hearing how many eggs you got and how they are doing.


Carole - June 16

Good Morning and Happy Friday! ELIZABETH: Anxious to hear from you to see how many eggs were retrieved. Please check in when you have a moment. I hope everything went well. ELYSE: I am so so sorry you have to put things on hold. But I can understand if everything is not as it should be and dp needs recouperation time. I know you must be disappointed though. I have all of you in my thoughts. ANN: I had an ultrasound b/f the iui and my 2 dominant follicles were still there. I had a lot of crampy pressure Wed. night. I was very uncomfortable. I read somewhere that it was most likely due to ovulation not the procedure. I woke up yesterday and most of the pressure was gone and so were the cramps. I can still tell my ovaries are enlarged though. So I am trying to take it easy. Hope to get some pool time in and maybe plant some flowers this weekend. I hope you have something fun planned this weekend. I will check back later on you guys. Have a great day!!


Ann1 - June 16

I have a few things this weekend--accupuncture, hair appt, and dinner Saturday night. My best friend and I always go to dinner between our birthdays (mine May hers July). We are trying this sort of new swanky restaurant called Fuse. It should make for good people watching. What are everyone else's plans?? Tonight I am taking it easy (drank too much at a client dinner last night:)).


Elizabeth444 - June 19

Good morning! The retrieval went very well. They harvested 13 eggs, of which 11 fertilized. So I'm happy. Also, looks like some of them made it to day 4, because yesterday was day 3 and we didn't receive the call to come in for the transfer. So I'm going in tomorrow morning for a day 5 transfer. I haven't spoken to my re yet, so I don't exactly know how many are left and how many they will transfer, but I'll find out tomorrow. Of course, there always has to be something wrong - I woke up this morning with a terrible cold. I hope this doesn't affect the outcome of the ivf. Just my luck! This morning I received the last of the progesterone shots (jay!). I'm a bit worried, because my re upped my dose of estrogen-tablets from 2mg to 6mg a day, which makes me think that something might be wrong inside. I guess I'll find out tomorrow what's up. Carole, I'm so glad to hear that the IUI went well. Good luck with the 2ww! Green, how did the u/s go? Are your 3 little ones still going strong? Elyse, am I understanding you correctly? Will you not be doing ivf this cycle? That's a bummer! Please give our good wishes to your dp, and tell her we're thinking about her, and hoping she feels better soon. Ann, did you have a good weekend? I'm going home now, and will stay home until Wednesday, or Thursday, so I'll speak to you again then! Have an excellent week.


Carole - June 19

Good Monday Morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend. ELIZABETH, I am so glad that so many eggs fertilized and they made it to day 5. I hope your transfer goes well and you join me in the 2WW soon. ANN: Hope your hair looks beautiful (I had a hair appt. too - highlights) and accupunture was relaxing. I know you have your surgery tomorrow. Do you have to do anything to prepare? Tell me how Fuse was. ELYSE: I hope your dp is recovered now and you guys had a relaxing weekend. Myself and dd made breakfast for dh yesterday for father's day and then we went to the pool for the rest of the day. It was really nice. I did go out to dinner with a girlfriend SAt. night. The Cheesecake Bistro. Pretty sure it is a chain but the food was good. As for me, 5dpiui and nothing out of the ordinary. I would say my nips hurt (sorry tmi) but I think that is the progesterone taking effect. I have a little crampiness off and on but nothing that I would probably notice if I wasn't looking. Hope the week passes quickly. Would love to be in single waiting digits! Talk to you guys soon!



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