Life After IUI 6
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Elyse - June 8

continued from Life After IUI 5...


Elyse - June 8

Ann, how many will he transfer?


Ann1 - June 8

I don't know for sure, but with all my issues, my guess is 3. However, he assumes that I won't respond well, so I doubt too many will be a problem for me. What about you?


Elyse - June 8

My doc ants 10-15 follies at retrieval and our hope is that at least half survive 3 days.


Ann1 - June 8

How many will your dr transfer at 5 days if he has a lot of blastocysts?


Elyse - June 9

He will only transfer 2 if it's day 5. The stats for my clinic are 70% pg rate for blastocyst transfer, so they have a policy of no more than 2.


Elizabeth444 - June 9

Morning all. Elyse, thanks for the new thread. The other one was definately getting too long. I'm so glad to hear that your dp is at home. I hope she's feeling better today? I had my first follie-check today, and there are 4 dominant follies at around 12mm. There are a couple of smaller ones also, so I have to get the stomach shot, 3mg Cetrotide Injections (functions as Lupron) tomorrow. Once again, not looking forward to that. I also have to continue until Monday with the Menogon shots. My next follie check is on Monday and the retrieval will be sometime next week. Last time, they retrieved 15 eggs, of which only 3 survived to day 3, so they did an emergency 3-day-transfer. I hope this time there are more surviving eggs so that I can also try the blastycyst transfer, because I hear it increases your chances alot.


Carole - June 9

Good Friday Afternoon to you girls!! I hope that all of you have something fun planned for the weekend. All I have is a bday party on Sunday, my nephew will be 8. It should also be beautiful weather so hoping to get over to mil's pool and swim and get some sun. Well, I just got back from my follie check and those suckers are growing soooooo slow. I can't believe it. I now have 1 on the right at 16.5 (the other stopped growing I guess) and 2 on left at 11 and 12. They seem to be only growing at 1- 1.3 mm a day. I wish it were 2 but they are being stubborn. I only have 2 more nights of 225 in my pen so they raided their stash at the office and gave me an extra dose so I didn't have to order more meds. Thank goodness. So 3 more nights of injections and then back on Monday for another follie check. I am keeping my fingers crossed for at least 3 over 16. What has been the magic number for your dr. to trigger at? Have any of you taken your last dose and done trigger on same night? Can you do that? I know I have lots of questions but you guys know a lot more than me for sure. ELYSE: I hope that dp is feeling better and she doesn't have any relapses again. Are you gettting excited about ivf? ARe you using the same donor as your dd? I think I read you got 1 more vial. ELIZABETH: Sounds like they need more follies to grow, is that the reason for the stomach shot? I hope you have plenty in time for retrieval and they make it to blastocyst stage this time. I will be keeping my fingers crossed! ANN: I am glad you have a date for your surgery. At least there is a starting point and we can work forward. Are you and dh doing anything fun this weekend? Eating at Chipotle?? :) Did anyone watch that new pilot with the millionaire winners lastnight on NBC? We watched it, not sure if it is going to fly. I will check in over the weekend. Have a great one!!


greeneyedgemini616 - June 9

Hi everyone sorry I have been out of town. Let me update everyone. I had my first ultrasound yesterday and they saw THREE sacs. They told me if they all stick around I will be a proud mother of TRIPLETS!!! I am so scared. Ann I am so sorry for everything you are going through. I hope for the best with everything. Elyse I hope everything is going well for you. I am hoping for the best with you both. I wish I could help. Let me know how you all are doing. I am starting to get morning sickness and the mood swings are horrible. Then my boss told me I will be terminated if I miss to much work for doc's appt's. Nice Boss huh


Elyse - June 9

Green - I can't believe all of your news - 3? Yikes! I'm sure it will turn out well - nature has a way of working itself out - you wil only get ehat your body can handle. Elizabeth - 4 follies - is that appropriate for this day of your cycle? What cd are you now? Did your doc tell why he thought only 3 of the 15 lasted in your ast cycle? I have so many ? for you b/c it is my 1st ivf cycle and I am so excited and there is so much conflicting info out there. How many will our doc transfer if they last til day 5? Carole - slow follies are good if the others need to catch up - it's the quick ones that ruin it when they grow too fast. We were able to get 3 more vials of the donor we used for dd b/c dp put her name on the wait list also and they called her a couple weeks after me and offered her 3 vials, so we took the, which is good b/c now we don't have to spend the extra $2000 to do ICSI. I can't even wait to start my meds next week.


Elyse - June 9

Oh yeah - a friend of my and her partner decided to try to get pg, so they went to my doc. She wants to do a natural cycle, so no drugs (she is also 35). They inseminated last week and will do the beta on June 12. Of course she only had 1 follie, but if this works for them I have a bad feeling I will be very envious. DP already said she will have a hard time with it b/c of everything we have been going through.


Ann1 - June 9

Green, omg, I see why you are so scared. The complications of the pregnancy skyrocket with 3. Make sure you get all the information to make an informed decision about your situation. Elyse, if your friend does get pg, look at it this way: you will be right behind her!! Trust me, I know exactly what you mean, though...


Elizabeth444 - June 10

Green, wow, triplets! I understand totally why you are scared, but don't be. At the end of the day, we are only given things we can handle in life. Good luck anyway! And keep us posted! Elyse, I'm on CD10 today, my RE wants more follies, that's why I have to get the stomach shot today, to slow down the big ones and let the smaller ones catch up. I'm not too worried, because I had only about 3 or 4 the last time on cd9, and still had alot of eggs. The reason why only 3 lasted was because some of the eggs they retrieved didn't fertilise (I think only about 8 fertilised) and the others just died by day 2. That's why they did the emergency transfer on day 3. The 3 eggs they transfered on day 3 where of very good quality, and they gave the one a 50% chance. He could give me no reason as to why the eggs died, but he was very happy about the 3 surviving ones. They didn't up my dose on any of the meds for this round, but I'm taking pre-natals, which I didn't take last time. I have no idea how many they transfer at blastocycst. I suppose depends on how many survived until then. I just hope it works this time, and if it doesn't, that there are at least some eggs to freeze. Carole, don't worry about your eggs growing slowly, at least they're there. Remember, it only takes one! Looks like our cycles will be very close. We can do the dreadful 2ww together. Ann, what are you up to?


Happypiglet - June 10

Has anybody heard from Applecarm or Macaron from last year? I want to know whats happening with them!!


greeneyedgemini616 - June 10

I wish you all would get pg soon. I don't even know what to expect. I am already wearing maturnity clothes and I am 5 weeks. I am gonna look like a house. Keep in mind we have 3 kids at home now it will be 6!!!! But I am really excited and i have adopted the attitude that they all all gifts from God and if he wants it that way then it will be that way. The funny thing is that the 2 eggs came from my left side and we couldn't find that ovary when the RE was looking for follies. She saw two big one on the right and I only released 1 from that side. It has to be meant to be. I am glad I have disability insurance and that I have been so blessed. I know you all will. I will keep you all in my prayers.


Carole - June 12

Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! GREEN: HOLY COW!! I can't believe that! I hope things progress well for you. Please keep us updated!! ELYSE: What day do you start your meds? I know you are excited. I am excited for you? How is dp? ANN: What did you get into this weekend?? ELIZABETH: When is your next follie check? I hope all the smaller ones caught up for you. I am on cd 15 today. I have a follie check at 2:45 and pray that the other caught up as well. I guess I will know what my plan is today. I will check in later and let you know. Have a great Monday everyone!


Carole - June 12

Hey There! Just got back from follie check and things are looking fine. Dr. seems satisfied. I have a 21, 12 on the right and a 19, 14, 13, 12 on the left. No more injections as he is afraid that the next group might mature enough to be triggered and that is way too many!! I trigger tonight, bd tonight and do insemination on Wed. morning. I am taking the day off just so I can take it easy and not be stressed. Then the 2ww starts. Hopefully we will have lots more action going on with Elizabeth and Elyse and IVF. Ann, you also have your surgery this month, so we will be here for you too!! It has been quiet today. HOpe everyone is doing alright! Talk to ya soon!



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