Life After IUI 4
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Nata - April 7

Ann, I don't blame you for feeling this way about the soccer game. I know it is a tough thing to do. I understand you. Well, we might go to a Mexican restautant called Rio Grande. The food is wonderful! Have a great weekend! Take care.


Ann - April 7

Nata, have a great birthday celebration and weekend! I love Mexican food (and eat it often, since Dallas has lots of good places).


Elizabeth - April 10

Hi all. Well, my RE appointment went fine on Friday. Last night at 11pm, I received the trigger shot, and the egg retrieval is tomorrow. Apparently I'll be sedated, so luckily I won't feel anything. I really hope they get at least 8 or so eggs, but I don't know. The dr. was concerned about my uterus lining - it was only 6mm. Hopefully it's OK by tomorrow. Ann, thanks for looking up the meds. It's interesting to see what we actually take that is the same. Looks like at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what country you're in, the procedures are all the same. Cristina, I'm so happy for you! Hearing the heartbeat must be an awsome experience. Now the worst is over, and you can relax and know everything is going well and according to plan. Nata, I won't be able to post tomorrow, so Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and you get spoilt rotten!


Cristina - April 10

First and foremost I would like to say Happy Birthday Nata!!! I hope you had a wonderful day. Elizabeth, good luck with your egg retrieval. Please let us know how that went. Today I am 7 weeks and doing good so far. I can't wait for my next sono next Wednesday. Ann, are you still on suppression?


Nata - April 10

Elizabeth, you should be very excited. Tomorrow is a big day for you! You are in my prayers. You will get a lot of great eggs... think positive. I will be thinking about you tomorrow. I can't wait to hear your good news on Wednesday. Oh, by the way, thanks for wishing me "happy birthday". You are always so kind.


Nata - April 10

Cristina, thanks for the good wishes. The official day is tomorrow but I did celebrate my birthday yesterday. We went to a Mexican restaurant. I had a very nice time. How are you feeling? I guess you will have more special moments on Wednesday, right? It is sooooo exciting. All I can say is ENJOY every single day of you pregnancy. It's a bless.


Nata - April 10

Ann, that's right... Dallas has lots of Mexican restaurants. What's your favorite cuisine? Have you ever tried Brazilian food? How was you busy Saturday? My appointment is on Thursday --- I will have an u/s and then, hopefully, start a new cycle. I feel like it's time to do something. I am on-hold for such a long time.


Ann - April 10

Nata, I don't know what my favorite cuisine is. I like them all! Italian is one of my favorites and I love sushi. We also eat Indian and Chinese on a regular basis and of course Mexican. I just like to eat.:) The only Brazilian restaurants at which I have eaten are churrascrias, so I am not sure how authentic that is! I am glad you had a good time celebrating your bday. How long have you been on the "down time" so far. This will be a long week waiting for the appt. Cristina, yes, I am still on suppression. It is so boring in the holding pattern. It is driving me crazy. I want to start the shots to get on with everything, but at the same time I don't want the shot time to arrive. Elizabeth, best of luck on your egg retrieval. I didn't know the lining mattered until you were ready for implantation. I bet they can give you estrogen to thicken it.


Nata - April 10

Ann, it's good to hear from you. Yes, churrascarias are authentic but we have a lot more than that :). I love sushi too. I'm sure it will be a loooong week for me. Well, I have been on hold since March. Af arrived on Sunday, March 12. Instead of initiating a new cycle, I had to do the hsg test on Wednesday, March 29. Then, I had to wait two weeks to make sure there is nothing left of the hsg in my body. Hopefully I will be able to stat the cycle on Thursday - the day of the u/s. My medication will arrive tomorrow. Basically, I am on hold since March 12. How about you? When will you start the shots?


Ann - April 10

Wow, Nata! I didn't realize it had been a month!! That is awful. I am going crazy with my wait. What is Brazilian food like? The only other thing I've had are caipirinhas.:) yummy. I stop the BCPs next Sunday, so my guess is that I will start the meds a week from this Saturday. I guess you will be about a week ahead of me.


Nata - April 10

Ann, in Brazil, lunch is still the main meal of the day and traditionally includes rice, beans and meat. "Churrasco" is the Brazilian version of barbecue. In the southern states, the regional food consists mostly of "churrasco", big chunks of meat cooked with skewers in charcoal ovens. Fresh fish is famous in the northeast of the country --- that's where I come from. There is plenty of seafood on the Brazilian coast. I cannot forget to mention a very popular Brazilian dish: "feijoada". It is an elaborate stew with black beans and many different smoked and sun-dried meats, especially pork, and smoked sausages. It is served with several traditional side dishes, including orange slices, shredded kale, rice, manioc (cassava) meal browned in butter and a hot pepper and lemon sauce. I believe Brazil's greatest treasure is her bounty of fruits. To the tourist, the sheer variety of new and unusual types can be an overwhelming experience. There is an infinite variety of fruit juices.


Nata - April 10

Ann, I'm sorry for my big post. I guess I got too excited talking about Brazil. Oh, by the way, it's good to know that, at some point, we will be together at the 2ww.


Ann - April 10

Nata, that all sounds awesome! I love seafood, and I am super hungry now.:) Your 2ww will be here in no time. How long from the day you start the meds do you usually have your iui?


Nata - April 10

Ann, usually it takes about 13 days from the day I start the shots to the iui day. I believe my 2ww will start around April 26th. When will be your 2ww start date?


Nata - April 11

Hey ladies. How are you doing? It's so quiet around here. Ann, you will stop the bcp on Sunday, right? Are you ready for your last cycle? Hopefully we will all get a bfn very soon. Are you excited? Cristina, good luck with you sono tomorrow. Let us know how it went. Elizabeth, I hope your uterus lining was in perfect size today. How many eggs did they get? AJ, are you still sleeping about three hours per night? Any funny cravings? As I said before, I have an appointment on Thursday. I will have an u/s and hopefully start a new Follistim cycle at the same day.


Ann1 - April 11

Hi Nata. I didn't see your last post. This has been quiet. I stimmed very quickly last time (iui one week from day I started meds), so we will be a little closer in schedule. I think my 2ww will start about April 30/May 1. It will depend how long it takes af to arrive after stopping BCPs. I feel like I am just in a holding pattern. I want to start the shots to get on w/it, but I don't want to do shots! I bet you are getting excited, since your appt is around the corner! Anything else going on w/you? Elizabeth, I can't wait to hear how everything went for you! I hope all is well.



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