Life After IUI 3
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Cristina - April 4

AJ, that is so great that your sister-in-law is a radiologist and she will be giving you tests for free. I didn't know you can find the sex of the baby that early. That's great!! I think your right with the nausea. I make sure I snack a lot and eat. But I do notice thats when I feel it....when I am hungry. I should be getting the cravings soon....I wonder what that would be. Well, I got my b/w results and they shot up...My hcg went from 274 to 5,237...I hope it still a singleton lol...and my progesterone went from 24.5 to 27.3 which is perfect. I have to still keep taking my progesterone pills till I'm 12 weeks. This Friday I am having my first ultrasound. I can't wait!!! My dh is coming with me. AJ I didn't know you were still seeing your fertility doctor. But I do know they want to monitor you throughout your first trimester. But I'm seeing my ob/gyn since I got pg. naturally. Plus I like them better. Anne, I can't believe how late they called you. My doctors office didn't call me because they were short staffed yesturday. Well atleast you know what you have to do now. So your definitely doing another IUI with inj, right? I pray and hope the this cycle will be last for you. What is the suppression you took? Nata, thanks for your tip about cravings....I'll be driving him crazy soon enough...How are you feeling?


Ann - April 4

Cristina, that is a big jump! Maybe it split and you have twins now!! I am glad it jumped so much. I take BCPs and Paroldel in the suppression 2 weeks (no shots--yea!). I don't know why I take Parlodel, because I don't have high prolactin levels. I keep meaning to ask my dr that. Yes, I will be doing another injectible/iui cycle. I need to talk to my dr about ivf, too. I don't want to miss a cycle unless it is better that I take a month off before ivf or something. I don't mean to sound negative, but after all this trying I am starting to feel like I should just accept that iui won't work.


Nata - April 4

Ann, I'm sorry to hear you had all that un-needed stress. Lets look at the bright side: you got everything done! That's what really matters. What day does your 2ww start? I believe mine will start around April 25th (not totally sure). I'm doing fine. I received good news yesterday... I will start tutoring math for SAT students. I will be very busy because I already am a full time Project Engineer. As I love teaching, I decided to give a shot. I took a test last week and everything went great. I'm excited. I will continue to work 40 hours/week as a Project Engineer, plus I will work as a tutor 6 hours/week. Tutoring will be my therapy. Hopefully I will have no time to worry about ttc. How about you? Any fun interviews coming up?


Nata - April 5

Cristina, I agree with Ann: your hcg had a big jump. Good for you! Everything is going so well... I'm sure you will have a healthy baby. No cravings yet? LOL.


Nata - April 5

Ann, what does suppression mean? Do you know why you need that? How are you feeling today?


Ann - April 5

Nata, my dr does the suppression to make sure all of my FSH/LH are out of my system. That is also why I do the diluted Lupron during the stimulation (to carefully control how much FSH/LH I get). He monitors it so carefully to prevent over-stimulation. I am glad he does, because at this point, I would freak out if I had to skip a month!! How are you doing? Your tutoring sounds great! I have a recruiting event tonight out of town, another one this Friday in town, and another one Saturday in town. All that in addition to a minimum of 55 hours/week working should help keep my mind off ttc!


Elizabeth - April 5

Hi, girls! Today was such a hectic day for me, I didn't even have time to post. Luckily I've got 5 minutes before I'm going home, so I can give you an update. I went for my first sonar this morning since I've started the meds. I have 6 follicles so far (at about 11mm), but the dr. want's more, so I have to take a suppression injection tomorrow to suppress the bigger follicles while smaller ones grow bigger...or something like that. Here is what I've had to take so far: CD4-CD8: 100mg Fertomid Tablets. CD5,CD7,CD9-CD11: Menogon 2 amps injections (bum), CD8-next af: 2mg Progynova tablets, and my favourite: CD10 (that's tomorrow): 3mg Cetrotide Injections (in the stomach!!!-I'm sooo scared!). This is a long lasting injection, and lasts 4 days. So after that, they might want to give me one again. My next appointment is Friday, so then I'll know what happens after CD11. I feel like a lab-rat. But at the end, it's all worth it. Ann, I know how you are feeling about the IUI. But I've read so many times of people who become pregnant only after the 7 or 8 or even more IUI's. If male factor isn't the problem (which I know it isn't for you), then IUI should work eventually. So don't give up hope yet! Nata, wow, you sure will be a very busy girl. Just make sure you won't stress too much, ok? But I have to say, it's great to have something to take your mind of the whole ttc-thing. At the moment the new house is so exciting for me, I don't think too much of the ICSI stuff. Cristina, I'm impressed with your counts! So far it sounds as if everything is going very well for you and the little one(s?). Well, I'm off. I'll speak to you again tomorrow. Have a great day! PS. I'll start a new thread tomorrow morning..this one is getting so loooooong.


Ann - April 5

Hi Elizabeth! I am glad everything is going so well for you. I have never heard of any of those drugs. The stomach shots don't hurt, but I totally understand why you are stressing about them. The fear of the unknown is the worst! How many follies does your dr want? Good deal on the new thread. I like to read the posts on my Blackberry (even though I can't respond on it), and this thread exceeded the length I can see a LONG time ago. Have a good evening!


Nata - April 5

Ann, wow, you are a busy busy woman. How can you handle all this pressure? You sure are a very strong woman! You enjoy all of this, don't you? Well, thanks for the "suppression" explanation. I know what you mean about freaking out if you had to skip one more month. I'm glad your dr is doing a good job in avoiding that nightmare. Do you think we will have close cycles? I hope so. Elizabeth, your follies sounded nice! You took a lot of meds... I have never heard any of them but I'm glad to hear they are working so well for you. Are you enjoying the new home?


Ann - April 5

Truthfully, I don't enjoy the hectic schedule at all. I like what I do, because it is mentally challenging and always changing/progressing. However, I don't like the crazy work hours, my 2 hour/day commute, plus all the ttc stuff. I was just thinking this morning how much easier ttc would be if I was a housewife or something. Even just a consistent 40-hour work week would feel like part time, and I would love it. It is so hard to schedule all the dr visits and meds (w/shots and supposed to be same time of day) around work and travel. Sometimes I wonder if I can keep all the tops spinning. I just mapped it out. If all goes like last time, I would have iui/O on May 1. So, you will probably be a little ahead of me. Who knows, though, I may go early and you may go late, and we could end up on the same 2ww! We will be close, and that will be nice to wait together. Are you counting down the days until next Thursday??


Nata - April 5

Ann, I wrote you a message for you on Friday, March 31 but I guess you didn't see. I talked about acupuncture. I copied so that you can read:

Ann, I'm thinking about doing acupuncture too. I asked my dr what she thinks and she said it's a good idea. Does your insurance cover acupuncture appointments? I was checking out my insurance's web site and the good news is that I found some places specialized in acupuncture in there. I will give them a call sometime today. How often are your appointments? Do you notice any difference in your life?


Cristina - April 5

Hi Elizabeth, wow your taking lots of meds. I never heard of them either. I really do hope that everything will work out for you. We've all been through a lot here to get that miracle and for some of us its been a very hard and tough journey. Also, I want to mention to you not to worry about the shot in the stomach....I did it and I got soooo nervous about it I got myself into a panic attack and it was all for nothing. It didn't hurt at all. It's just knowing that your sticking the needle in your stomach that bothered me. My dh did it and I didn't feel a thing. So, between that and moving into your new house, I'm sure you have your hands full. Take adavantage of it now. Once your can't lift anything!! I am actually house hunting now. I'm hoping to find a place and move out before the baby comes. Nata, it seems like you and Ann should be on very close cycles. Aren't you getting your test results this week? Ann, I forgot how long of a ride you have to and from work....that's a very long ride. You really must be tired at the end of the day. What's going to happen when you get pregnant and have a baby?


Ann - April 5

Nata, I didn't see your message--sorry. The acupuncture is relaxing and my dr says it is good for increased blood flow to the pelvic area, which is god for ttc. I go once/week, and depending on my cycle, he puts the needles different places. I pay $65/visit and insurance covers nothing, unfortunately. Did you call about it already? If I don't respond today it is because I had to leave the office (leaving at 3 for recruiting trip).


Cristina - April 5

Oh and Elizabeth....its a good thing that you are starting a new thread...this one is way toooo long.


Elizabeth - April 6

I've created a NEW THREAD for us called... ~~~~ Life After IUI 4 ~~~~



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