Life After IUI
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Elizabeth - December 6

My Husband and I have been TTC for a year and we are going for IUI #2 on 14/12. Anyone in the same boat?


carlon - December 6

Hi.. OH MY GOD.. i have been ttc for a year also.. i jsut started Clomid for the frist time last ngiht.. and hopfully iui on the 16 or the 17th.. let's be buddies.


isa - December 7

Hi there, I have done 2 iui's and was on clomid and injectibles both months. This month was cancelled due to 4 large cysts and very high estrogen. I had a chemical pregnancy last month (cycle #2) so now i am waiting for af hoping that the cysts have gone down and I can squeeze in my iui's before xmas.


Elizabeth - December 7

Hey carlon and isa. It's nice to know that there are other people going through the same thing. I've been on Clomid for about 6 months, but with no luck. I hope that round 2 of IUI will do the trick! Carlon, our cycles are almost the same! I'll be having IUI on 13/14th. Isa, sorry to hear about the cysts. I really hope you can go for another IUI before xmas!


To Elizabeth - December 7

Hi.. Yes our cycles are the same.. My dr jsut told me to call when i O and to come right in.. does that sound right... Today will be day 3 on Clomid.. i'm hoping with Clomid and IUI this will work.. So your goig 13/14 i think i'm either 16/17 BABY DUSY!!!


Elizabeth - December 8

Hey there.
I'm going in for an ultrasound on 12th to see if there are any good follies. (Last month there were 2) If everything is OK, hopefully I'll have IUI a day or two after.
Maybe your dr will also do an ultrasound to check if the Clomid worked or not. Is this the first time you are going for IUI?


carlon - December 8

HI Elizabeth,
Yes this is my first IUI... no dr never said antyhing abotu coming in for a ultrasound!


d - December 8

what's an iui?


Ann - December 9

Hi all! I am so happy I found this post. I am on my 3rd cycle of clomid and go in for the sono on Monday the 12th to look for follicles. I did IUI with my first clomid cycle and it HURT! Anyone else agree?? I am very nervous. d, iui=intra-uterine insemination.


Elizabeth - December 9

Hey Ann, welcome! Look's like we have exactly the same cycle. So we're both going for the ultrasound on Monday. Exciting! I have to say, my first IUI didn't hurt at all. Hopefully this next one won't hurt you either.
Carlon, don't worry, after your first IUI, at least you'll know what to expect next.
Good luck, girls! ~~Baby dust~~


Ann - December 9

Hi Elizabeth, on my first IUI, I had 2 follicles as well. I thought it would happen then, but no such luck! From what I have read since my IUI, I think they must have done mine a little too early. I have read that it can hurt if your cervix hasn't opened a little. I am keeping my fingers crossed this time. How long have you been ttc? We tried naturally for about a year, and then I had a couple surgeries (polyp then endo--last one in September).


Ann - December 9

Elizabeth, I just noticed that you already said ttc for a year...oops! We are on very close cycles. So you think you will o on the 13th or 14th? My guess for myself is later in the week (16th?). I hope it doesn't run into the weekend...


Sonya - December 9

Hi Elizabeth, we've been ttc for just over 2 years now, and I did IUI #2 today...I am so happy to have found this board b/c it is very hard to go through this alone.


Sonya - December 9

You asked what IUI is. It stands for Intra-Uterine Insemination.


D - December 9

thank you...i've seen alot of you write this and was wondering what it meant. i have never had this done before because dh and i were trying to do it the old fashion way, but i want to start trying new methods because it's been 13 months and still nothing. can you guys tell me some things about this process...whether it's painful...if you have to take any meds...and the success rate? i would really appreciate it. thank you!


to D - December 10

success rates for iui depends on your problem. Is it you or dh or both, is it age etc etc. Each case is different depending on the peoples problems. Mine hurt but just momentarily like an hsg. I was on clomid and injections. I've done 2 cycles and was successful the 2nd time round but ended in chemical pregnancy. I am now dealing with 4 large cysts due to the meds and had to take this cycle off and go naturally but I didnt ovulate this month and I'm cd 27 today. Isa


Elizabeth - December 12

Hi girls!

Right, I went for my sono today. I have 2 good follicles, so that's good. (I think). My appointment for IUI is Wednesday morning 14th. Ann, have you been for your sono? Keep us posted!
Sonya, so your in you 2ww. Good luck. I really hope it works this time...for all of us.



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