Life after clomid cycle number one
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hopeful mom-to-be - August 26

Now that I've taken clomid and had sex every other day since taking the last pill, what's next? When do I test for pregnancy, if i'm not pregnant then what? What do i do if I don't get my period? AHHHH!


CJ - August 26

Do you know if you ovulated or not? I think they say at the earliest to test 10 days past O. I was on my first round of Clomid 50mg this month and I did not O so the doc had to start me on Prometrium to make AF come. Then I'm going to start 100mg of Clomid. Your doc should increase your dose if you don't O. I also had bloodwork on CD21 to see if I O'd. Did your doc say anything about that? Good luck to you!



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