Libido and TTC
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JA - July 12

Hello gals! I was reading lately that having a big O during ovulation can increase your chances. Problem is, my desire is ususally very low. I have also seen many products that claim to help out in this area. Has anyone tried any and had any luck? I am 31 and it seems my libido has declined instead of increased like the myth claims. Help! Thx!


Drew - July 12

Hi JA! At the risk of sparking another debate, I'll tell you what I've learned about orgasm and conception. It is NOT necessary to orgasm for conception, however it does aid in conception. When you orgasm, the cervix dips into the sperm pool in your vagina. It also draws the sperm up and encourages it into your tubes. Again I say, its NOT necessary, but it helps. I have had problems like you where my libido is less than desirable. Now, I'm not tryin to be gross or descriptive or anything, but I find foreplay makes a difference. A little teasing goes a long way. Doing things together like you did when you first started dating helps a little too. We sometimes go out to places we used to go when dating, do some of the activites we used to enjoy together and see where it leads. And I know this one is hard, but don't think of sex just for the pourposes of making a baby. I know everyone says try to relax, and it gets really irritating, but it holds true. If having sex is like a job, your quickly gonna get tired of it. One other thing, if you are on prescription drugs, look up the side effects. Alot of them decrease sexual desire, especially anti depressants. (Not meaning anything by that) Good luck, and I hope this helps a little! :)



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