LH surge? PLEASE HELP!!!
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MollieJo - August 24

I took Clomid 3-7 and today is cd16. I tested neg for LH at 10am using the Rite Aid brand of OPK. I was down to one stick and went and bought more of a different brand (Answer). I was feeling disappointed so I decided to test again at 1:30. I tested with both the Answer and the Rite Aid. The Rite Aid was neg but the Answer brand was very positive!!! Whose right? >>>Last cycle I tested with the Answer brand at about 6pm until cd16 I was at my last test and tested around 11am and got a positive. I went out and bought more, this time Walgreens brand, and tested at 6pm and got neg. I didn't think much about it then but now that I am getting two different answers with two different brands at the same time, I wonder which is correct!!! Is the Answer brand giving me false positives or are the cheaper store brands giving me false negatives!?!?


slowpoke01 - August 24

i would say that the answer brand is right. are you bding just in case? if the rite aid brand did the same thing last cycle i would go with the answer brand. also the clearblue ones are good too that is what i use and there are some cheap ones on ebay that you can get that are real good. i bought the clear blue ovulation tests and the cheap ones off ebay and tested using the same urine with both tests and when i had a surge both of them showed it. i would say that you have an lh surge is why the answer ones are showing it but why the others arent im not sure maybe they are a bad batch or maybe those ones dont pick up a lower amount of lh. good luck


MollieJo - August 25

Thanks, slowpoke. I am treating it like a positive and just never buy store brand again!!!



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