LH Surge On CD 9???
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sherry - December 24

this is so bizarre! i usually get my spike, around cd 16, as i normally have a 32 day cycle, but last month i "o"-ed early, and af came early, and this month i just had a spike this morning, on only CD9!!! is it just me, or is that really weird? anyone ever have this before? when i noticed CM, i said "no way", and then i got those af cramps, so i tested, and low and behold it's +. too strange to me. any advice or stories you can share relating to this? thank you


canadagirl - December 24

Hi Sherry..it is possible, if you take a look at fertility friend different charts you will see that women ov'ed as early as cd 9..i too was shocked because fertility friend indicated that i ov'ed on cd 11, in which I did have EWCM cd 11 and 12, so best of hope for you and next year january you will be giving us the news that you are preggo..smile.


Claus - December 25

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!



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