LH strips V OV watch?
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littlemiss - April 14

has anyone used an OV watch while trying to concieve? does it work with clomid? is it as effective as the lh strips? any advice would be great!


avafaith - May 3

Yes, I used the OV-Watch twice with GREAT success. I was also using 100mg of Clomid and it did not give me any false readings. I conceived on my first month and now have a baby boy, who will be 12 months on 5/16/06 and conceived on my second month using the OV-Watch. I am now 8 1/2 weeks pregnant. I was very causious of buying the watch but am so glad now. It took us over 2 years the first time to get pregnant and 4 months this time, my doctor started me on 50mg for two months before jumping be back to 100 mg.


avafaith - May 3

OH, I forgot to mention. I also used the LH strips and the first pregnancy the strips were 5 days off (later) and the second pregnancy the strips were 4 days off (later).



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