Lexapro and Clomid
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cspears99 - October 19

Is anyone on any kind of anti-depressant/anxiety meds while doing IUI's and taking Clomid? Please let me know, thank you.


Lucky717 - October 19

Hi csspears99 - I am on Zoloft and Femara. I was on Clomid and Zoloft. SSRI's are the preferred drug of choice for treating depression/anxiety disorders during pregnancy. They are relatively clean in pregnancy and there is a lot of data out there that suggests they are relatively safe. I have heard that Lexapro is too new and that they do not have enough data to make a call on whether or not it's safe in pregnancy. Many doctors prefer that medication not be used but you must look at the risk factors. In lots of cases it's healthier for the baby if mom is taking care of herself and on meds. Every woman has to evaluate her situation accordingly. It's a tough call and one I struggled over but my chances of relapse if I discontinue meds are very high and that's a chance I am not willing to take personally. Best of luck to you. If you are thinking of switching meds and want to talk more about this feel free too. I had to switch meds over a year ago and finally was able to with some success.


cspears99 - October 19

Hi Lucky717 thank you so much for you feedback, my husband and I have done 3 IUI's with no positive results, so with all the anxiety over deciding what to do I am actually just starting the Lexapro today and we decided to do one more round of IUI before spending 26,000 on IVF, we live in Cali so no insurance coverage for infertility?? Are you doing any infertility now? thank you again so much it makes me feel much better, I really apppreciate it, and best of luck to you too!! I will see how it goes over the next couple of weeks, :-)


ROBYN - October 19

Hey girls doing a quick read I am just about to start IVF but.. when I started Clomid I was on Zoloft 100mg my RE had wanted me to get off the antidepressants he felt it wouldnt work well with the fertility meds. so I did and am free of them. My reason was depression related from a while ago but I am completely fine without them. Good luck to all of you.


Lucky717 - October 19

Hi cs - No IVF isn't covered by my insurance either and my DH works for a major health insurance carrier. Go figure. Best of luck to you with the Lexapro. If you get pg you may want to think about switching to another drug that has lots of studys on it. I read alot of stuff from StanfordUniversity and Emory University in Atlanta. They have great psychiatry schools and have tons of studies that they are constantly doing. Good luck.


HeatherP - October 20

Hi cspears99! I also take Lexapro for an anxiety disorder. I have been TTC for over a year. I did Clomid/IUI for 3 cycles, then went to injectibles/IUI and now I am going for IVF this next cycle. Let me know if you have any questions. Are you going to try the Clomid/IUI again next cycle? Sending you lots of baby dust!!!



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