leutal phase
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diem - July 31

I got the dreaded AF today :(

I just started charting things this month and fertilityfriend.com says I only had a 9 day leutal phase. Is this too short? Should I see my doctor right away?


Tracy88 - August 1

I believe doctors want to see a luteal phase of at least 10 days. My opinion is that yes, you should call the doc because there are things they can do to lengthen this time and also to make sure you are even ovulating. I asked the doc once: if I get a positive on my OPK does this mean I ovulate and he said no. So maybe you are not ovualting???? You should let them monitor you for a cycle or two. Just some food for thought. I would call. Good luck!


MelissaV - August 1

Is this the first time you've monitored your lp? I would call the doctor & let them know...a short lp is usually caused by low progesterone & that's easy to fix!


diem - August 1

Thanks. I will call today.



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