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esmerelda - May 14

I am 39 and preparing for IVF, i would like to hear from people who are going thru the same thing. also any success stories especially first attempt.
I look forward to hearing from you all.


isa - May 14

Hi Esmerelda. I am 40 1/2, no children. 6 failed iui's, 1 natural, 2 clomid and injections and 3 just injections. Make follies well but we dont seem to be able to get any further. We have dh problems with count and motility but with the wash he is ok for iui its just not worked. We have been recommended to do ivf, icsi and possible assisted hatching if we need it once they see the eggs. We arent sure if we will do it or not. I have been through the ivf orientation and would be on Luperon for suppression and Puregon (same as Follistim but its the Canadian version).


esmerelda - May 14

hi isa,
its great to hear from you. i live in ontario, where in canada are you, I just did ultra sound and blood work, the result is 7.3, i have to go back for day 11 this thursday.


isa - May 15

I'm also in Ontario. when you said you just had b/w done what result is the 7.3 your talking about and what cycle day are you. I am on my 2ww of a natural cycle because I will be travelling this cycle and didnt want any meds in me. What meds are you on? Is this your first ivf? Did you try iui at all?


esmerelda - May 16

I am talking about FSH, I have to do day 11 on thursday, I cant do iui the tubes are blocked. so I have to go straight to ivf.what fertility clinic are you with.


isa - May 16

esmeralda are you aware double blocked tubes in Ontario means you get OHIP to pay for 3 tries at ivf? I am at a clinic in Msga. You have a great fsh level if its only 7.3.


esmerelda - May 17

yes i am , they pay 50% and i pay the next 50 plus the cost of med. they say $4,000 per cycle. I can only afford one cycle. so i am going to try, i am with a clinic in missisauga too. do you work, i work full time.


TR - June 15

Hi girls, I'm Dana, I am 39 1/2 and going through my first ivf cycle. Just triggered tonight, going through egg retreival on Fri am. Lots of follicles. Worried about hyperstimulation, so likely to do FET later. Has anyone had that before?


isa - June 15

Hi TR, I've not done any ivf yet. Still not sure if I will. Going through very high stress right now in our lives with sick family so we are postponing any ivf probably for a few months as the stress will not be good for transfers etc. Good luck with yours and keep us posted. Esmerelda sorry I was absent for a month but I've been away on vacation. How are you doing?


esmerelda - June 15

hi isa,
welcome back, i hope you had a good vacation. i have a sick family too, i started the prelim test for ivf, will have to get hyterscoy done. Tr i wish you the best of luck with your transfer pls keep us posted. BABY DUST TO YOU ALL+++++


isa - June 16

hi esmerelda, yes vacation was just what I needed to destress me. Now if only I can stay destressed with our family illness I will be happy.TR I have hyperstimmed once and it was very painful but I got through it with tons of gatorade, 1 asprin /day, big pants since I was so bloated and lots of rest. I had about 18 large eggs, couldnt convert to ivf since we didnt have our blood work done so had to do iui and still got nothing. I have had an hsg but not a hysteroscopy. What other prelim tests do you have to do. I had lots of bloodwork done too.


TR - June 16

Thanks for the encouragement and baby dust. We need it. We just started w/new RE doctor. I've had a few natural miscarriages in the past so we've had all the tests over the last several years including hysteroscopy, MRI, blood profiles, hystosalpingogram, sperm test, chromosome, etc. My problem has been maintaining the pregnancy. I will write more later. I need to get some rest for my procedure tomorrow am. Nervous and scared. Take care all.


isa - June 16

TR hope all went well today. I know it must be hard to have miscarriages but when they thought i was having chemical pregnancies they said the good new is you are at least "working". Well when the RE looked at all the news he said he didnt believe we were even having chem pregs and I have never gotten pregnant so after 16 months we can't even fertilize. We have motility & sperm count issues. We too have had the chromosomal and all those kinds of tests done and I had a slightly elevated nk cell level but he said not enough that it would matter and everything else seems to have been normal. We just dont seem to be able to get pg. and as I said before I can make eggs like crazy we just dont get any farther than that. RE thinks it may be my age and an egg quality issue combined with the low motility and count but for the male factor part iui's only give us the best and fastest and it still didnt help us out. They really want us to try ivf but i am not ready now (if ever) for that. I'm taking the summer off.


esmerelda - June 17

hi isa,
i am sorry the iui didnt work for you, i heard after three its time to move to ivf, i think you should go for it, nothing beats a trial but a failure. it might just work for you, i was kinda of turned off from ivf but decide to go ahead, my dd wont let me live with the fact that she is my only child, hang in there TR I have two miscarriages before DD and one after, i am keeping my fingers cross we will hear great news from you soon. i have to do the heterscop then i can proceed with the ivf. i am curious to see what will happen so i am going to go for it. issa have you ever checked this website out www.tryingtoconceive.com. its pretty informative. did you try preseed at all. because sometimes with the male factor you can try a few things. enjoy your weekend hope to hear ya, issa what clinic are you with and where did you vacation?


isa - June 17

Esmerelda we do use preseed, I love it but it's expensive especially when you have to pay the duty etc to get it to Canada. Sometimes I order it and get a relative from the US to send it to me b/c it only costs them a little over $3 to send me 2 boxes and they put gift so no duty and extra taxes. My vacation was in Europe. I was going Newlife who are you with.


esmerelda - June 17

I am with newlife too, they seem to have a lot of success stories. the staff is friendly, i live close to the clinic, i can actually walk there.


TR - June 17

Hi Girls - Yesterday was a day of laying around. The retrieval went very well. I don't remeber any of it. This morning the doctor called and said he was very happy with everything. We had over 50 follicles, all of them were extracted, 15 were mature and 13 have fertilized. We are very happy with the numbers. 6 of them were frozen this morning, 7 will be studied and picked for ET on Monday am. We are not sure how many will be transferred. I'm drinking so much Smart Water and Gatorade (very recommended prior to and after IVF) I'm so full of fliuds I want to scream. The fliuds are helping me avoid hyper-stim. The doc said it's one day at a time. It's time for me to rest on the couch. I'm sore but not as bad as yesterday. Key is to lay low. Thumbs up for the 39+ years old. If I can do it you guys can too (If you want). Lots and lots of baby dust to you! Oh, what is preseed?



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