Lena or Grandpa Viv? Opinion please...
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Hopeful... - September 16

what can high temps for over a week mean other than possible pregnancy? i THINK i O late (cd 24) cuz on cd 25 (last thursday) my temps shot up from 97.6 range to 98.3 range. They have been up there or alittle higher since (98.6 today).. If I actually did, I'd be 9dpo today. I've had some cramping, bbs kinda sore and tender, last night got kind of nauseous, and have been pretty tired... What do you think? Could there be another reason for my temps staying up there?? I don't wanna drive myself crazy if there's a reason it could be something else...


Lena - September 16

To be honest with you, I don't put much faith into temps so I really don't follow it. We are only looking at a few degrees of separation when interpretting our results and there are so many variables that can influence our temps. Our body temp lowers significantly while we sleep. Taking a temp the minute we wake up can give very different results than temps taken just a few minutes later. A restless night, a hot bedroom, infection, dehydration (how many morning have you woken up completely parched, for example) can all influence our temps by several tenths. There are a lot of women on this board that have become temp experts while trying to conceive, perhaps one of them would be able to shed better light on this for you.


Hopeful.. - September 16

Thank you..


Ericka - September 17

Hello Hopeful. I have taking my temps for four months so this is what I know: Your temps stay up (at least .3 degrees higher than what you had before af) between the day you o and the day af comes. If you know how long your luteal phase is and you don't get af when you should then you can test. Right now you are 9dpo, that is too soon to take a hpt. Hope this helps.



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