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curious - February 4

Just wondering is it normal to leak (sperm) after you have sex? I lay down about 30 minutes after, but it still comes out. Will this prevent me from getting pregnant?


tryin4baby - February 4

yes it is normal to leak out. but don't worry, plenty get in right from the beginning.


Longing 4Baby - February 5

Oh my gosh! I have had the same concern! I guess because it is normal...but I'm glad u asked this so now I know, too! Good luck to you and your husband!


tryin2 - February 5

Thank you Longing4baby and tryin4baby!


val - February 15

I'm glad someone asked this question. I had the same thoughts.But I guess what goes in, must come out right? Thanks for asking your question, and thanks to the person that answered it.


Cleo - February 15

Yes. Try to elevate your hips by placing a pillow underneath, with a towel covering it to catch leaks. It's not likely to prevent you getting pregnant, but we do what we can to increase our chances.


Renee - February 15

I also elevate on a pillow to keep some of it in. Although, I did read somewhere not to elevate your hips too high (stand on head, etc!) because the semen/sperm will actually form like a pool around your cervix, not giving sperm the opportunity to swim in.


mrsbrissel - March 11

I was told to elevate hips for 20-30 mintues after sex to allow sperm to get in the right direction. I still leak afterwards too and get aggravated thinking none is getting where it should go. Thanks for asking! I was wondering too.


Tia B. - March 12

One way to prevent some of it from leaking out is to orgasm AFTER he has ejaculated in you. When a woman has an orgasm her cervix, the mouth of the uterus, contracts as the uterus moves. This causes the uterus to dip or bob into the vagina. If the male has already had an orgasm, then this area is rich in semen (sperm). This motion of the cervix will actually draw the semen into the cervix and uterus to aid in it's passage towards the ripe egg.
An orgasm prior to male ejaculation can help make the sex more pleasurable, the vagina more lubricated and make the whole scene much less clinical. However, for reasons stated above, if you do not have an orgasm after the male's then it is imperative for you to acheive one. It does not matter if this orgasm is via masturbation (self or partner lead). It simply needs to occur to improve the chances of pregnancy.

Also pillows can help, but mostly end up covered with semen :)


Amy - July 27

yes,it's very normal..for me,it seems that it leaks for hours.It gets annoying,especially at work..lol


Audrey - August 23

It is perfectly normal. It may be a good sign, The vagina has too much of it and to get rid of excess fluids.


lol - August 31

i came on this board looking for this Q, i did not think it would be on here well thank you to how ever asked this Q it helped me alot i thought i was some kind of alein



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