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Marie - September 16

I need help. I'm leaking a ton. I've tried different things to not leak, but I still do. I feel as though I'm not going to get pregnant. I've tried the pillow, varying times. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!!


me - September 16

I try to cross my legs and squeeze them together for 15 mintues or so before I move. I get leakage too and this seems to keep most of it in. You can also try to hold your labie together too, but that can be a pain. Good luck.


Ericka - September 16

There is something called instead cups that you can use. It is intended to use during af but I have heard of women using it to keep sperm up near the cervix. There is a thread on this site about it. I will bump it to the top so it's easier to find.


Marie - September 16

Thanks! I will try it out. Good luck to all.


amy - September 16

dont worry that it will affect u getting pregnant. it happens to alot of women but like someone said instead cups will help and u can get them at a local drugstore like CVS. =)



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