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yupp - April 8

i just wonder after ejaculation straight into the vagina, will the semen leak out or not? if yes, then will it cause fertilization/pregnancy even harder? is this a normal finding in every one?

how to overcome this?



C - April 9

If you are ttc you should never have sex with her on top. The two positions that are the best for ttc is, missionary (him on top) with a pill under her hips to tilt her uterus just a little, and doggie style. Should try to always have her lay on her back with a pillow under her hips for 20 minutes after sex. Never get up right away and start moving around. Gravity does play a part here. It is also important that she orgasms at the same time as ejaculation or shortly after. During an orgasm the female's cervix acts like a vacuum and pulls the semen up into the uterus.



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