LD,can you respond or anyone please
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val - May 23

Ld, you had responded to my question about the low sperm count & motility. You had mentioned that your husband is taking vitamins. I would like to know if that was something that your doctor recommended or did you choose that route on your own. The problem is, I'm not getting enough info from doctor and I really want to switch doctors. It seems my doctor has too many patients and only makes time for the woman who are already pregnant. I was told that in order to see my reg. OBGYN, she is booked anywhere between 2-6 mos.out.They haven't reffered me yet to any kind of specialists, and I have so many unanswered questions.So far I had a nurse practitioner tell me the "preliminary results" of my husbands sperm analysis, and we were told the final results we would get in about 3 days. So far it's been a week and I bug her everyday for the results but it's always the same story. "I don't have those yet, if you don't hear from me by such and such day call me" I am sooo frusturated! I've read about some products on the internet that are suppose to increase the sperm but can be rather expensive. I just don't know what to do and I have nobody to talk to about this.If LD doesn't respond, can anybody else? Also when she gave me my husbands sperm count, (keep in mind, this was before I have researched this and chatted with many of you woman) she said a normal count is between 60-200 and his was 64. So far, after chatting and research, I haven't heard of sperm being measured this way. It's usually by how many million/ml and percentage of the motility and morphology. Am I mis-informed? I don't know what that reading means between 60-200, and I can't seem to ask her any questions.She told me that she doesn't see many sperm analysis. That really concerns me more than anything. Please help!


Nena - May 23

So far I know that 50% movable is god and morphology should be above 30%. My husband has had before 28% movable and doc told me that you can get pregnant with that. If you want more exact information please search on the net for the results od WHO (World Health Organization) they give you exact figurest and than you can compare. Baby dust to you. ***



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