LC, are you out there, it's Chas
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Chas - February 23

Lc, I tested today and it's POSITIVE !
Can you believe it !! I was feeling tired and my period was due 2morrow, no sore boobs though, which was a clue... tested with dollar tree test and there was a line! I went and bought a digital and it said PREGNANT !!! oh my gosh, I am soo in shock !


YEAH!!! - February 23

Big Congrats Chas! I know you've been trying for a long time! Enjoy! And eat while you can before the old morning sickness! Happy and Healthy 9 months to you and your babe!


Chas - February 23

Thank you !! yes, this was the 14th month!!


Nadia24 - February 23

oh my Chas...Congrats. Your DH had low sperm count, right??? did you do anything differently?? CONGRATS AGAIN!!!


LC - February 23

Congrats!! I wrote back on the other thread. Your story gives me hope...but we have low morph and motiltiiy which if I remember right you didn't have. So I am a little hopeful but not expecting a BFP here. Best wishes to you!!!


LC - February 24

Congrats again..Chas...You are probably out celebrating!!! What a relief it must be to relax and just enjoy your pregnancy. I hope to be there soon...although it may be by IVF. I will miss chatting with you...Check in once and a while and say hello.


Chas - February 24

Hi LC, I posted on the other thread too. I am soo excited. It doesn't seem real yet! I am going to the doc Monday to get confirmation. I will pray for you!! I have been doing a lot of that lately !
I posted over there.. saying what we did for the month, check it out. And, Nadia.. yes he did have low counts (13 million) but everything else was normal. I still can't believe it !!! good luck everyone! It can happen :-)


Mega - February 24

Congrats Chas! Have a healthy, happy 9 mos!



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