Lazy sperm
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dimples25000 - February 12

My hubby has lazy sperm. Does anyone know what to do in this type of situation??


carrot top - February 13

Hi Dimples, I don't have an answer to your question, but I am in the same boat. My hubby has very lazy sperm. It took them almost 3 hours for 80% of them to start swimming. Forget keeping your legs in the air for 20 minutes! I need to sleep hanging from the ceiling! lol. I'm interested as well whether there is something he can do to increase his sperms ability to start swimming. Hopefully someone knows of something.


LN030905 - February 13

Hi girls..I dont know if you guys visit the signs of pregnancy forum, but there is a very educated women named Lin on there who has had to deal with a similar situation with her dh. You could go over there and do a search for " sperm motility Lin" and it would probably bring it up. She has answered several questions for ladies! Best of luck!


dimples25000 - February 13

Hi carrot top, I was browsing online all night yesterday and I came across with this, prozeed plus at, but it is quite expensive, but I'm trying to look for something more affordable, someone also told me of ambreoz pills.


carrot top - February 13

Hi Dimples, thanks for the info. WOW that stuff is pricey! It sounds really good, but we don't have money like that to spend on vitamins! I looked at the ambreoz pills as well... I find that site a little pushy which sends out a red flag to me. It's almost like an infomercial! If I find anything I will let you know! Thanks again!


addie1717 - February 13

Just had to share my story...In September My husband had low sperm count with only 20% motility. We did IUI on Firday and when they did the wash, he had over 500 million with 85% motility. What a change!!! The only thing DH did different was take 500mg of L-Carnitine(can find at GNC) and sustained for 6 days! Hope that helps...Baby dust to you all!



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