Late Period after HSG?
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Lisa - April 22

I found this forum yesterday and find it very informative. I had an HSG on March 31. I have been TTC for three years. I had the HSG as part of testing to determine infertility. The HSG showed no blockage. My husband has had three sperm tests done and we have found out his count is low but his mobility is fine. Has anyone had a really late period after an HSG? My cycle is 28-30 days and I am now at day 33. I also always get minor cramping for several days before my period is due (along with PMS) but have had none of that. I could be pregnant, but I took a home test yesterday and it came up negative. I will retest sometime next week if I continue to get no signs but just wondered if anyone had an abnormal period following an HSG.


fmb803 - January 31

You may be pregnant now, but with a pregnancy test it's too early to tell. The HSG increases your chances of conception by 30%. I had 2 done but my study showed obstruction of the tubes which means they can't be unblocked. I'm 37 now so my only option is IVF. Good Luck on your pregnancy test next week...let us know the results. :-)


Lissa_ - February 1

Hi there Lisa - I do hope you are pg :-) I had HSG done a few weeks ago and got AF early and odd bleeding with BFN. I think it can just disrupt your following period. If it can make AF early then it can probably make it late too. I would still test in a week if I were you tho even if you get light bleeding (as that could also be normal in pg). *good luck & baby dust*



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