Late ovulation w/clomid?
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waitingtc - May 8

I didn't ovulate on 50mg of clomid. I took 100mg second round and I'm on CD 30. I had a progesterone test on CD21 and no sign of ovulation. My BBT chart indicates I ovulated on day 22!! I go for another progesterone test tomorrow . Anyone else ovulate this late and conceive?


Amanda19 - May 17

With my daughter I was on 150mg and didnt ovulate until cd21. I got pregnant with her though! And had a chemical pregnancy before her where I also ovulated on cd21. So yes it is possible.


Dingbat - August 6

Hey Everyone. I am on my third round of clomid 100 mg's. The first round I ovulated on Day 17 and had an ectopic pregnancy. The second round I didnt ovulate until Day 22 and had a second ectopic. I am currently on Day 17 of my third cycle and have yet to ovulate according to my Clear Blue monitor.
Im trying not to get disheartened but its really hard.
After losing two you just want things to operate as they are supposed to. Trying to be patient and its certainly nice to hear that other people have ovulated late too.
Good luck everyone


jodi-ttc-08 - August 7

hi girls, i am yet to start my first round of clomid. currently CD 35. i have long cycles. 35-42. i have started temping for the past few months, and i don't think i O til about CD26ish, will clomid help bring my O earlier or make it later,??????


worththewait - August 7

Jodi-I'm about to start my first round of Clomid too. This was my fear, to be on a med that I'm so hopeful about and then not ovulate! Once I stopped taking the pill over a year ago my cycle became really out of whack and I didn't ovulate for months! My doc had to induce my period with Provera after 6 months of nothing! If af doesn't show by Aug 18th he'll induce again and then I start my first round of 50mg Clomid! Good luck to you!!! And you too Dingbat! I know what you mean, it's frustrating when your body doesn't do what it "normally" should do!!


cynthias - September 10

ginger- what is the correct time frame a person should ovulate? i have been taking clomid and am on cd 11 i was just wondering when and if i will ovulate?


bringontheBABYdust - November 11

hello, this is the first time i've ever posted anything so here is my scenario. DH and I have been trying to conceive for 4 years. I know..... 4 years. I've always thought I was fertile, but when we started trying month after month.... nothing. I am on CD 21 and took 100mg of clomid on day 5-9. i've been charting religiously, but it seems that i have not ovulated. how late does one ovulate on clomid if they've used provera to induce af at the beginning of the cycle? AF did not visit for a whole year and that's when I went to see my doc. Is it just me or does anyone ovulate very late in their cycle too? Thanks.


lady781 - December 13

I just took my 3rd round of clomid 50mg on days 5-9 and ovulated on day 21. I am 2 days late but multiple tests all say negative. For those of you who have succeeded in getting pregnant with late ovulation, how long did it take you to get a positive test result?? Any other advice? : )


heather3646 - December 29

I am new to the forums. I did my first round of Clomid 50mg last month on CD 3-7. According to my BBT I O'd on CD19. I went in for CD 21 progesterone test and it came back at 15. The doctor said that I definitely O'd and he was surprised by the high progesterone level on the CD 21 test when my temps said that I O'd on CD 19. However, even though I O'd w/50 mg the Doc upped my dose of clomid to 100mg to see if that would help me O a little earlier in my cycle. I am on CD 13 and no O yet. I went and bought an OPK tonight so hopfully that will help this cycle. Anyone else have a similar situation.


donnalt - December 30

I am on my second round of Clomid 100 mg days 3-7. I am CD 17 today and have not O'd yet. I was a bit worried that it's not gonna happen again this month but I'm glad I came across this thread to know that others are ovulating later in their cycle. Last month I thought I just didn't ovulate at all so I stopped doing the OPK's when I ran out but now I'm thinking maybe it was just late and I missed it. I think if I don't ovulate this month though I'm gonna take a couple of months off and let the Clomid get out of my system and then restart it again in March or April and see how that works for me.


Jen30 - December 30

Hi I am just waiting for my period before beginning clomid. I did try it a few years ago for 2 months and it didnt work, but then my rel broke down and so I didnt continue it. I am going to use a fertility test which measures the maturity of your on day 3 of your cycle you will know if you even have a mature egg to ovulate with. You also get very cheap ovulation's uk based but they are less than $1 each! The fertility test is around $17 for 2... its worth a try because if your eggs havent matured there is no point getting your hopes up.... but then again Im not sure how this would work if you are taking clomid because of the days in which you take it. I am a bit confused why some people take it on day 1-5 and others 2-3 or 3-7 4-8 and 5-9 is it different for different conditions?? And why some people start on 50mg and others 100mg??


usmcwife - January 5

Hi Ginger- when I was taking 50mg of clomid, I still didn't ovulate regularly. I was a little more regular when they upped it up 100mg. I did that for about 6 months when my doctor swiched me to the follacle pen (the shots- I can't remember the exact name.) That really made me ovulate. I did that for 2 months and I had more than 3 mature follacles both months and I finally got pregnant with the help of the shots and the IUI.


AKhope - October 13

Hey Ginger,
I started on 100mg of clomid (day 3-7) and didn't have a surge. The doc upped my dosage to 150mg of clomid (day3-7) and I went in on day 13 to have a follicular ultrasound to see if I had any mature follicle and they were only at 14mm. They checked three day's later and they were a tad over 14mm. They are going to check again on day 19 to see if they have matured and if so give me a shot of hcg to start ovulation. If that doesn't work on the next cycle of clomid they will also give me shots of FSH to help stimulation. I've heard that some people ovulate a lot later on clomid. I am in the same boat with that. How big were your follicle? I would maybe ask your doc about fsh shots if clomid alone isn't doing the trick.


iHope - May 10

I am on my second cycle of clomid and today is day 21. According to the temp chart I haven't started ovulating yet. I don't know if I ovulated last time because I wasn't keeping track of my temp. The thing is- my periods are very irregular and my doctor needed to put me on BC pill for one month to jump start it. I don't know how long I should wait until starting another month of bc pill and then clomid if this time doesn't work. any advice, ladies?



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