Late ovulation w/clomid?
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Ginger - July 31

I took clomid 50 mg days 5-9 last cycle. I went in to the dr on day 21 for progesterone testing to see if I ovulated. I chart too (on I knew I had not ovulated by day 21, but I did ovulate on CD 25. Has anyone else heard of this? The dr upped Clomid dosage to 100 mg this cycle. I am now on CD 11. Do you think I will ovulate that late again, or that the upped dosage will help me to ovulate in the normal time frame? Thanks.


christina - July 31

this was my first cycle clomid, and i went cycle day 21 and they said i didnt ovulate yet on the sono, no signs, then called me with the blood and said i did bu not in the time frame i was suppose to, i was scared we missed it all together. so we shall see. but similar situation, i thought i did, but then i ovulated about 1 week and 1/2 after the clomid.


D. - July 31

When on clomid, you should ovulate between 5-10 days after you take your last pill. If you are ovulating much later, you didn't have a good response. Upping the dosage may help but it's not guaranteed.


ruby - August 1

hi ladies. i also took my 1st cycle of clomid (50 mg) on days 5-9. i'm now on day 18 of my cycle but still haven't detected ovulation. i barely began temping this month, but i'm confused about OPK's. i was using Answer and was so excited when i got a + last wednesday, but when i used clearblue that same day, i got a neg. get this...i'm still getting +'s using Answer, so i'm thinking the test is faulty. i wonder if having PCOS affects the results using Answer brand. it is 9 days after my last clomid pill and i'm beginning to wonder if i'm gonna ovulate this month. any advice/suggestions/experiences, ladies? baby dust to us!!! ~*~*~*~*


annette - August 1

last month was my 1st clomid cycle. i had taken 100mg on cd5-9. according to the thumb rule, u should o 5-10 days after the last pill, but i od on cd21. I dont knowo if this will affetct the egg quality. i am trying again this month. it is cd 18 today, and no signs of o... does anyone know if u will have the same patern for the same clomid dosage everytime?


ruby - August 1

hi annette. did you use OPK's to check that you ovulated so late?


b - August 1



Sara - August 1

Hi Ginger, I'm currently taking clomid too (100mg). I always thought it would help me ovulate on days 12-18...but I believe I ovulate later than I think. Someone told me they ovulated late too (around day 26) and they got pregnant. I'm trying to TTC later than we normally do this month. Good luck to you...


annette - August 1

yes, i did use opks to find out my o date. i havent charted yet.


sarah - August 1

this is my second month on clomid and i havent yet gone in for progesterone testing. But the first month I took 50mg and I didnt even ovulate. This month I took 100mg doses and I ovulated on day 16. My doctor told me not to worry it sometimes takes a few months.


ruby - August 1

hi sara, can i ask you why you think you ovulated later than normal? i'm on day 18 and it doesn't seem like i've ovulated yet. are you using opks or charting?


Ginger - August 2

I am charting and using OPKs. I have never had much luck w/the OPKs. They seem to be too difficult to read, and different results w/different brands. Temping is how I know that I O'd on CD 25 last cycle. I have been using OPKs so far this cycle, and haven't had a definite positive. My temps are a bit crazy too. I guess I just have to wait and see what happens w/ both in the next few days.


April - August 15

I'm taking 100mg on days 2-6 each cycle. I ovulated last month on the 27th day of my cycle. I had a 40 day total cycle but did not becone pregnant. This month I'm on the same 100 mg dose and have not ovulated and my fertility has not increased on my clear plan easy monitor so I'm assuming the meds didn't make me ovulate this month.


nickzack - March 16

I began my cycle of last month on Feb. 12th. I have what they cal Luteal Phase Defect. The Dr. Began me on Clomis last month and I am almost a week late for my next cycle. When I went to the Dr. I was told that my Progetrone level was only up to 9.9. It needed to get up to 30. Is this normal to be late while on clomid. I am never really this late. My periods have never been a full cycle before cause of my defect. I am stumped and have taken homepregnacy tests. they all show up that I am not.


ellabella - March 20

Hi ladies, i haven't ovulated yet this cycle -second round clomid. I'm on cd19 and no temp rise yet. I ran out of opk's and refuse to buy more at this point. Anyway, i was hoping to see others with stories of late ovulation on clomid, glad there were a few. Nickzack, my doctor told me that long luteal phases with no pregnancy on clomid is pretty common. I hope this isn't the case for you though. OK, good luck everyone!


ellabella - March 20

BTW, Ginger, thanks for starting this thread!!


waitingtc - May 8

I didn't ovulate on 50mg of clomid. I took 100mg second round and I'm on CD 30. I had a progesterone test on CD21 and no sign of ovulation. My BBT chart indicates I ovulated on day 22!! I go for another progesterone test tomorrow . Anyone else ovulate this late and conceive?



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