Late ovulation Tested in 500 women
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Kristen - November 14

I went to the doctor for a post op exam after lap and I got talking to the doctor and she told me she went to a meeting and they said that they did tests on 500 women testing women who ovulated late and on time. The results came back with only a very small percentage of women being able to conceive ovulating after day 17. Which is my problem. I will ovulate on day 22 and start a period on day 30. I mean there has been some people that do get pregnant with late ovulation but it is a lot harder. Clomid is the only thing that can change that. I am on glucaphage for PCOS. It makes you ovulate but not at the right time necessarily. Just I little info I wanted to let you know.


Robyn - November 14

i used to chart my temps and found that i ovulate on day 20, but i have been pregnant twice (both miscarried unfortunately) but I still was pregnant - don't give up hope!


sherry - November 14

i ovulated on day 18, and got pregnant. what is your cycle length? if it's later then 28 days that does make a difference. hugs, sherry


K - November 15

I know you want at least 10 days past ovulation without any spotting. You might want to check into prog. supps. The ten days is to ensure the eggs sticks before you start shedding your lining. Hope that helps.


Kristen - November 15

My period usually starts about day 30-33. Sometimes around 35. It sucks. I wish I was normal so bad. My monitor started on high on day 10 this month so maybe I will ovulate on time.


dea - November 15

Kristen- I have also read that a woman needs at least 12-14 dpo for a pregnancy to be achieved. Not that it is an absolute- however, a longer luteal phase is important..Less than 10 days?? See a specialist. Keep those charts handy ladies!


Nic - November 15

That is my problem, i o on cd 21 and my cycle is 35 days long. I started clomid this month so maybe that will help me! Thanks for the info.



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