Late Ovulation on Clomid?
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babyloves2play - March 28

I was wondering how late anyone on Clomid has ovulated. I thought I ovulated around cd 21 but I was wrong. I wasn't charting temps. I just used OPKs. I kept getting a line that was almost as dark as the control line but not quite. Then on cd 41 I got a test line as dark as the control on an OPK and my temps have been on the rise ever since. Now on cd 46. No af and no signs of it showing anytime soon. So, just looking for others wanting to share stories of how late you ovulate and whether or not you conceived. Thanks!! ~*~*Babydust to Everyone*~*~


Mega - March 28

Wow, CD 41, that is a very late O. I usually O'd on Clomid around CD 19 to 22, this was my 1st cycle where I O'ed on CD 12. I'm kind of surprised though that your dr let you wait out this cycle so long rather than giving you Provera & upping your doseage of Clomid. But anyway it definitely sounds as though you O'ed this cycle, so that's great. Good luck. You should have a leautal phase (LP) of 12 to 17 days on the Clomid so AF shouldn't show up for another week for you. Hopefully AF will stay away though. Good luck! HTH!


babyloves2play - March 28

Thanks for the info! My doc doesn't want me to take anything to start my period so I'm waiting to see what happens. I had all the symptom of O around cd 21 and dh and I bd when we were suppose to but kept getting bfn but no period. I decided to do an OPK for fun on cd41 since I usually get really frisky around time of O and boy was I surprised when it was pos. Plan on doing an hpt on cd 53 (next Tuesday) if af does not show. I have to admit this is the longest cycle I've had since I was a teenager and I'm now almost 32. ~*~*Babydust*~*~


MaryG - March 29

I was wondering the same thing! This is my first round of Clomid and today was CD14 and no signs of ovulation. Without Clomid I usually ovulate on Day 19-21. I don't temp anymore(erratic temps) but I do use the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor to see if I am ovulating. Reading lines on regular OPK's can be so confusing.I read on several ttc boards that Clomid causes late ovulation CD 19-21. You might be pregnant, OPK's can show pos if you are pregnant. I am living proof of that happening. But sadly I m/c really early. Goodluck on your HPT!
Babydust to you!!!!!!!!


MuzikGurl - March 29

I'm the same way!!! I posted on here with similar issues. I took my first round of clomid and ovulated cd 16 to 26-ish and then had my period took another round of clomid same mgs. and it's not cd 23 or 24 and I haven't ovulated yet or if I am ever going to. yesterday I had gas all day and don't know what brought that on and I was very exhausted and I'm kinda the same minus the gas and I'm cramping right in the middle of my lower stomach area...I think it might be trapped gas or constipation or what...I come in the see the dr. on April 7th so, it's only in a week by then I'll be CD 33 i think so, I'm hoping nothing too serious...I'd hate to take provera and start all over again...most likely it feels like I might have to. anyways good luck to're not alone.


babyloves2play - March 30

Hi MaryG, I'm sorry to hear about your m/c. I'm just waiting to either get a pos. hpt or for af to begin. This is worse than the's more like the 4ww for me. Although I'm fairly sure I didn't ovulate until cd 41 or 42. My first real pos. OPK was on cd 41. OPK negative on cd 42 and cd 47 (today). Good luck with your doc visit MuzikGurl. I know what you mean. My doc won't give me anything to start my period so I'm doing it natural.....just waiting. I've read somewhere that it is better to just let it happen. I've also read another post on here that one woman ovulated on cd 31 and got pregnant. So you are probably just going to ovulate really late. I wonder in how many women clomid causes such late ovulation. Have you ever gone to It gives me hope....I compare other charts of women that got pregnant when they ovulated late on clomid. ~*~*Babydust to you Both*~*~



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