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tanner789 - March 27

well heres my story this month i tried clomid cd3-7 and gonalf 37.5 for 8days going on 9(tommorow), as of today which is cd15 i only had 2 follicles at 10mm and my estradiol was only at 300-something, my dr wanted me to continue the meds for two more days in hopes they will reach the mature size. but how can they get to 18mm by wed if they only typically grow 2mm a day. i just wanna make sure i still have a chance to conceive has anyone been continued with a cycle even if ovulaiton hasnt been detected by cd15?arent you normmaly suppose to ovulate cd12-14? in jan i was on clmoid as well but with gonal f i was at 75 but i had produced 20 mature follicles and was cancelled thats why my dosage was reduced this month, but also i didnt develop thos follicles til cd15 they basically grew over night and im not exaggerating, so im still hopeful but wondering if i should be honest with myself and know my chances arent that great of getting thoase follicles any bigger-what do you think?


wantanotheraftertr - March 27

tanner I have neve Ovulated before cd 16 usually its around cd 20. depending our your cycle length you need at least 10-14 days after you o for implantation to hold well. if it is shorter you may need progesterone to lengthen your luteal phase don't give up just because you o later than you think. I got pg loast month with late O and m/c but am cd16 right now and no o. don't lose heart it can happen! bfp Prayer to you


tanner789 - March 27

thanks so much your story gave me some hope, im sorry the pregnancy didnt stick, but i will nto give up yet, i will know more tommorrow-thanks best of luck to you.


ellabella - March 28

Hi Tanner, happened to come across your site and hoping to give you hope like you did for me on mine. I was on clomid cd3-7 also and the 1st cycle i o'd on cd17 and the 2nd, i o'd on cd19. So, THERE IS STILL HOPE!! Take it from me, i gave up hope and we stopped bd'ing the day before o. I could have kicked myself, but there's always hope.


ellabella - March 28

Just to clarify, the last time we bd was the night before so that's why there's still hope. So, just keep bd'ing til you get a temp rise (that is if your temping)


wantanotheraftertr - March 28

Tanner let us know what you find out. I am always interested in what others find out. I am still grieveing my m/c but getting better I think I take each day and so have more difficulty than others. Like sunday I found out a friend is due 7 days after I was so that was hard. I will just keep trying. BFP prayers!


kdlovesrd - March 28

Tanner, I Oed on CD19 so do NOT give up hope! Keep track of your temp and charting and hopefully you'll get a BFP! :) ~*~Baby Dust~*~


tanner789 - March 28

well i dont keep track of my temp or anythign b/c they moniter me by bw and us, but today was cd 17 and my follicels did grow from 100mm to 14mm so i am getting another shot tonight and going back in am, and can only hope they've grown which i'm epxecting friday to be the trigger shot day. friday would be cd 20, so thanks for all your hope, and we have still continued to bd every other day



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