Late Ovulation
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Vanessa - December 8

Anyone out there on clomid who ovulate really late? I am on cd 18 and still have not had an lh surge, but my ultrasound shows follicles growing. I am so bummed!


Mega - December 8

I'm a late responder on Clomid too. At least your follies are growing. You are responding, so that's good. Are you doing IUI or anything this cycle? If you're currently just doing Clomid, maybe you can ask your dr about using a trigger shot next cycle. That should cause your body to release the mature follicle/follicles. My 1st time on Clomid I O'ed on CD19. I wasn't being monitored closely that cycle, but I was charting & my chart showed I did eventually ovulate. Good luck. Hang in there!



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