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Nicole - July 9

i havent had a period in 5-6 months -- I am always very irregular- is it still possible for me to get pregnant


@@ - July 9

you might want to talk to your doctor. 5- 6 months inbetween cycles can make it very hard while ttc. You may need to seek help.


Hula - July 9

I am irregular too. But if your not having a period, your not ovulating. It wont be possible for you to get pregnant. Ive never heard of such a length of time either. When you to your doctor the first thing she will do is give you Provera. That will bring your period down in a few days. Then you can talk to her/him about maintaining it monthly. Some women dont ovulate even if they get their period. So i would see the Docor as soon as possible. Not having your period for that long can lead to more serious issues.
Good Luck!



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