late July/August IVF cycle
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elless - July 14

I am new to the board, although I have been lurking for quite a while. I really appreciate all of the info I've gotten from reading the posts here. I am now about to start my first IVF cycle and would love to find some cycle buddies. I'm starting Lupron 7/21, scheduled to start stims 7/29, with ER estimated around 8/9 and ET around 8/12 or 8/14. Anybody else about to start a cycle?


CC - July 14

Hi elless...Welcome! I am also starting my 1st IVF cycle and will begin taking Lupron on 7-26..ER for me should be around 8-15 and ET arround 8-18. There is a thread titled "Starting IVF in July/Aug-Support for first timers"..There are a lot of wonderful ladies on that thread, and many are close to both of our cycles. Come join us over there, or if you would like, we can have our own thread here.


elless - July 14

Thanks for answering, CC. I just responded to you on the other thread, which I found about the time you responded to me. I didn't know which place to answer you. I'm just so happy that I found someone whose going through the same thing I am!



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