Last period July 25-27, OV'd on Aug. 11th
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Beth - August 17

I'm going to test on the 21st, I thought I'd at least try since it would be ten days after sex. Then, I'll wait until after my period is due to test again. Anyone else want to join me? I've been TTC since May. I know it hasn't been long, but this forum is much better than the pregnancy test one.


Angie - August 17

Hey Beth i will wait with you, I o on the 10. Had a lot of sex that week. I feel real confident that my body is doing something different. Having a lot of symptoms - feeling sick, i actually threw-up yesterday and today. I have this pressure or pulling in my lower pelvic area (feels like a cramp). And my nipples are sore. AF isn't due until wed 08/24. I do have a little concern about if i really conceived this month or not, because with all my pregnancies i had implantation bleeding, and usually i experience it about the 21 day of my cycle. So far i had nothing yet, my cum is real dry and thick. Any symptoms yet?


Beth - August 17

Well, today I had a little brownish red discharge, but I suppose my period could be starting early. Hubby and I only BD'd once though. He is in pain all the time, so it's difficult. I was hoping we did it on the right day, but who knows. This is going to be hard for us. We're trying for our first.


Jamie - August 17

Hey girls - I o'd on the 10th. I am now 7dpo (this is my first cycle on clomid). Since I o'd I have gotten a massive acne breakout on my face (I haven't had this since I hit puberty!), I have a lot of cm (white/creamy-a little watery), My boobs will tingle once in a while (but they don't hurt), yesterday and today I just haven't felt very good. I have been charting my temps and they have been up since I o'd. Yesterday and today they were a little lower (same as my coverline). This worries me a little but I read somewhere that you can take a little dip in temp. when implantation occurs. Other than that I have no other symptoms. I am really hoping this is the month! My husband and I have been ttc for a year - I don't ovulate on my own and that is why we just started clomid. Angie - I have felt like I was going to throw up today but never did..... Beth - that could be possible ib....


Amy - August 18

Hey beth. Hubby and I have tried since only july. well, the last day of june was when hubby said he was ready to try and also, i ovulated the 9th or 10th, had period 7/27. so, we are very close together. best of wishes girl. keep us posted, k


shan - August 18

I have the same - supposedly o'd on the 10th ...i think.
I dont feel any differently yet...I hate this waiting!! We've been trying for 6 months now - my periods finally got regular in May...still to no avail..Help!!
I had sore/sensitive nipples about 5-7 days past ovulation (this usually happens to me....have any of you had this??) then it goes away. I had a little pink staining Monday (again, this has happend before too and i wasnt preg) and my next period is'nt due until Angie's (24-26th) Im so frustrated...any suggestions?


Angie - August 18

Is it to early to test my af is due 24-25. I feel the need to test. peeing a lot, and still have the pressure in my lower pelvic area.


AM - August 18

Hi. Seems like we are all waiting for the same time. My AF is due 26th Aug, however I think I ovulated 4-5 days earlier so my AF could be earlier then the 26th. However, I am getting no symptoms. Even if I may get a slight tingle in my stomach I put it down to in the mind. Could it be I am going to get my AF as I'm getting no symptoms, like sensitive boobs, cramping, tiredness none. Good Luck to you. Angie, I would do a test, because you are thinking about doing one and the days will just feel en longer if you don't. Thats my opinion anyway.


Beth - August 18

well, I'm still having this dark brown, almost black looking blood. I have only filled one lite tampon, but I suppose my period is probably just early. This is so frustrating! I guess I'll be able to tell a little more in the next few days, whether this is a period or implantation bleeding.



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