Last Month's Test I Found, It's Bright Positive, But Not...
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sherry - April 3

pregnant. i had my period, and am now 2 weeks into my cycle. this is bizarre! has anyone experienced this? i happen to find 2 of last month's negative tests, on an area in my home i was cleaning up, guess i saved them for a short while, or forgot about them, whatever, and they are both bright positive now. i had an awful period so i cannot be pregnant. do these tests always do this over time? anyone ever keep a negative test around for a couple weeks? wow do i wish it were for real. they are pink lines to...not grey.


Nikki - April 3

Interesting. I haven't even seen a BFP yet. Maybe next time I should save my BFN and see what happens. I would like to see what it will look like, and I can't seem to get a real BFP. Oh, I did read something about soda turning them positive?


sherry - April 3

then i wish i could pee soda, lol. that is interestiing. i wonder why? anyway, try it, and see what happens. i was pretty shocked myself. i don't know how it can happen, all i know is that it did. thanks:) sherry


Ann - April 3

I've also heard that if hpts touch opks, the hpts turn positive. I haven't tried it, though!


kelley32 - April 3

it's called an evaporation line, it always happens, sorry, but it's not a delayed BFP.


Melissa - April 3

Yep, it's an evaporation line. If you read the directions the test results are only valid for a certain amount of time.



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