Laproscopy & pregnancy
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sumeetha - December 19


I am Sumeetha. Been trying to get pregnant for the past 1 1/2 years. I have tried clomid for 3 cycles but no success. My doc has recommended Laproscopy for this cycle.

I want to know if anybody here has had success after this procedure.

Would be terribly glad to have some support and advice since I have been in absolute dumps after I got my periods


Tracy88 - December 19

I tried naturally for about a year and half before trying clomid, did three failed rounds of that, then moved to a fertility specialist who recommended the lap. We wanted to have a lap done anyway so we wouldn't waste copious amounts of money on expensive treatments just to have them fail. So, on July 7th I had the surgery, took a month to TTC naturally and heal, then moved straight to injectables and am now 18 weeks PG. I got my positive pregnancy test on Sept. 11th. All previous testing I had done came back normal and the doc wasn't sure what he would find during surgery, but we did know that I had a fibroid. During surgery he found mild endometriosis on my bladder and ovaries, cysts on my fallopian tubes, took the fibroid off the surface of my uterus, found polypoid tissue in my uteran cavity, and also found tons of extra tissue just clogging up my uteran cavity. He said he is not surprised I wasn't getting PG. Just imagine, I was pregnant shortly therafter. It was worth it to have it done because I knew that if I spent one more dime on treatment, that there was no reason it shouldn't work after he was done cleaning me out.


sumeetha - December 20

Hi Tracy,

Thanks a lot for your answer. This is very encouraging. What are injectables by the way?


Tracy88 - December 20

Your body naturally produces FSH (follicle stimulating hormone); injectables are FSH that you give to yourself in shots to help boost your egg maturation and production. Clomid does the same thing technically, but clomid works by tricking the brain and the pituitary gland while injectables just give your body more of what it already makes. Clomid also has a tendency to thin your uteran lining (making implantation virtually impossible), whereas injectables do not. Givng yourself the shots is so easy and really painless, so it sounds worse than it really is. I was afraid to do it, but after the first one, it's easy as pie. Many women who have had no success with clomid move to injectables and become pregnant right away. It is a very successful method. I combined it with back to back Intrauterine Inseminations (IUI's). The whole month for meds and all cost me about $1500.


Lucky717 - December 21

Tracy88- You are such an inspiration to me since I am going in for my lap on Jan. 25 and scared silly about it. I also have a polyup in my uterus and they are going to do a hysteroscopy (go in vaginally and clean it out) What injectables did you take after? When did you take them? Thanks for hanging out with us and providing tons of information. You are making a difference and giving me and others hope. Best of luck with your pregnancy.


sumeetha - December 21

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for sharing your experience. Good Luck with your pregnancy.



Tracy88 - December 21

Lucky and Sumeetha, I am so glad to help out and inspire. Nothing drives me more crazy than those women who spend forever TTC and cry about it, yet they don't take logical steps to figuring out why it's not happening, or they will spend a year on clomid. It is a waste of time and tears. I spent long enough being upset over not getting pregnant and was not going to drag it out even one more year. By the time I had the lap it had been 2 years and I was beat, that is why I opted for the injectables pretty much right away. I had my lap on July 7th, 2006, got periods on July 24th and then again on Aug 17th. Started doing the shots on Aug 19th for a total of 8 days, had IUI's on Aug 27 &28th, then got a positive pregnancy test on Sept 11th, which was exactly 14 days past my second IUI. I was on a low dose of 75iu of Gonal F for those 8 days. I could have spent more time TTC naturally or with clomid after I had the lap, but I was so sick of waiting for a BFP that I went straight for the shots, and swore that if they didn't work after 2 or 3 cycles that I was going to do IVF and not wait. Mind you, I am 36, so I felt my clock ticking. I want more than one child, so I knew I wanted to get PG as soon as heavenly possible!


Tracy88 - December 21

Lucky, I have a friend who had a polyp and just wasn't getting PG, but after it was removed, she got PG! Get the lap and the hysteroscopy, you will be so happy that you me. It just gives you peace of mind knowing what you are facing if anything at all. I felt so confident after my lap because I knew I was clean!


Lucky717 - December 23

Tracy88 Did your doctor recommend injectables after your lap or did you insist upon them? You said you did back to back IUI's right? Was the total cost of everything (drugs& procedure) $1,500? I am trying to think about a game plan after surgery. RE suggested Femara again and IUI.I am not sure I want to fool with that. Just needing some advice. Thanks and happy holidays!!


Lucky717 - December 24



nic - January 1

Hi, I just had a laparascopy and now I'm pregnant (conceived 2 weeks after the lap). My doc says there's a very high pregnancy rate post-lap - something about fiddling with the uterus and it healing itself or something. So I fully recommend having the lap!!!


Lucky717 - January 1

YAY!!!! Congrats on your BFP NIC. DId they find anything when they did the lap? Were you on any fertility meds this cycle??


Tracy88 - January 1

Lucky, sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your questions. When we first met with our doc we basically told him we wanted to do the lap right away because we didn't want to spend any more time and money on treatments without knowing if something was impeding pregnancy. He suggested one or two cycles of injectables before the lap, so we agreed to try one, but when they did my day3 scan, they noticed a large fibroid and cancelled the cycle. We then had the lap, had everything cleaned and removed, then did the injectables cycle. To answer your money question, for me, the total cost including meds, scans, and IUI's back to back was about 1500. I did not require a bunch of meds, and only needed two scans, but they warned me before-hand that the cycle could run up to 2000 dollars. I don't know where you live, but the same type of cycle in California can run up to 5000 dollars! The price I paid was average and reasonable, and with the best doctor. If you have 2000 bucks laying around, I say go straight for the injectables with IUI's after your lap. Why waste time and tears?


Tracy88 - January 1

Nic, meant to say congrats to you!



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