Laposcropy surgery to get you pregnant
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Joy - December 29

Hi girls, I am having a laparoscopy done on Jan. 9 to look for scar tissue. I had an HSG done and my tubes were fine, however, they did see something outside around the tubes which they think may be scar tissue. My ovaries are fine and my uterus too, although they will be doing a hysteroscopy as well just to make sure. I was diagnosed with Endo in 2001 and they removed a big cyst from my left ovary. I was on lupron for six months, but I was not trying to conceive at that time. Endo can come back. When I had the last surgery, my doctor told me that now was the best time to try and get pregnant, but again I was not looking to get pregnant at that time. I also had a CA125 blood work done this time, which if it is elevated can be a sign of Endo. Mine came out elevated so now there are two reasons to believe it may have come back. I am a little nervous, but not too much. I have been ttc for a year now and we think it may be this that is not letting my tubes function properly and therefore not getting pregnant. Hopefully now when I have my laparoscopy I get pregnant quickly. To all you girls out there with the same problem, don't give up. My doctor told me that endo does not prevent you from getting pregnant if you take care of it. I will keep you posted. Good Luck to all and baby dust!!!!


Cutie - December 31

Hello Ladies! I didnt know there were so many woman who have had laparoscopy. I am going to have it done on January 19th... I dont have any problems except pain in lower abdomen and thats why I am going for a surgery. I was also told that I have a uterine septum, so hopefully that will be removed. I am excitted that it helped a lot of you to get pregnant, hopefully it will help me too.... I have been TTC for one year and almost six months. Did you ladies take any meds after surgery? (any meds, birth control, or any other to get you back on track ..?) I am really anxious..I will let you know how it goes.


Elena - January 19

hi ladies its me just would like to say that I'm pregnant now!!!


nila - February 1

Im happy for u Elena and how far are you


nila - February 1

elena was ur block tubes, mild moderate or severe


Mega - February 1

That's fantastic news, Elena! Congrats. Have a healthy, happy 9 months. I'm going to have a lap in the next few weeks, I'm trying to get it scheduled soon. Just to check for endo., I hope it does the trick for me like it did for you. Anyway, congrats. again & keep us posted when you know the sex of the baby. :) I'll be curious to know if it's a girl like predicted.


Cutie - February 2

Elena! CONGRATS !!!!
God bless you !!!


hchampion - October 2

i had the same surgery in 2003 and i still have no children. but i know someone who had it and got pregnate right after. good luck



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