Laposcropy surgery to get you pregnant
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Elena - October 3

to melissa actually mine was not endo. he said it could have been a infection that i have gotten when i was younger and not realized it. i asked him if we could start baby booming on my last check up appt and he said we need you to wait six weeks to heal from the surgery and then in november we will start. right now he still has me on birth control to keep my hormones elevated due to the pcos, i have two packets left this month and november which he told me on the 1st of my period i'm supposed to call the office and have then book me a appt on the 14th day to have a ultrasound to see how many follicles i made and if they are a good size he will tell me to go home and start working on making a baby i'm also on that 1st day taking clomid 50 mg to get me to ovulate. i'm pretty exicted hopefully it will work since my tubes are clear now!! wish me luck. to melissa i really don't thnk you have anything to worry about as long as they took everything all out and you are clean then there should be no problem with you starting to make a baby. will keep you guys posted!! baby dust


Rachael - October 3

I had a lap 2 yrs ago and just had a baby 7 weeks ago. I had level 4 endo. It took just over a year for me to get pregnant after the surgery. We had been trying for a year and a half before that. Now my beautiful baby boy is here. Good luck to all!


jamie - October 3

i had the surgury a couple of years ago and never concieved now my dr is going in next month to flush my tubesand make sure there is no blockage and i am due to start clomid 50mg. 5-9 . just so you know the scar tissue can come back so i am hoping it did not for me i wish you all luck!!


christine - October 22

hi jamie, baby dust to you ,i have having my lap in nov too, i wish you luck, my doc says if i dont conceive within six mths its probably not going to work
i hope it works for you this time


sherry - October 23

my friend did!! hugs, sherry


Susan - October 26

I had a lap done on oct 13 due to an ectopic pregnancy...I am in the same boat as all of you...I will tell you elena that I had a lap done in June also and it took 3 months for us to conceive...only it was an ectopic pregnancy. I am hoping it doesn't take three more months for us to conceive again!


elena - October 26

Thanks ladys for all your support. Hope everything goes well for all of you. I have to wait for my period for the month of Nov once I get I can start clomid in Nov. then we will see! Will Keep everyone posted. Good luck to you all that are going in for laposcropy you will be fine trust me!


christine - October 26

baby dust to you all, hope we will have our BFP by january


elena - November 10

hi, ladies just wanted to let you know that i'm starting clomid this sunday! from there we will see. anybody have any updates at all? let me know baby dust !!! :)


eb - November 10

Hi i had my lap done 9/9/05 and nothing yet. I am also taking 2 2.5 mg femera. AF is due somethime next week, sooo we'll see.


elena - November 14

hello, just wanted to see how everyone is doing? I'm on my second day of clomid. Keep in touch. *** BABY DUST***


elena - November 20

Hello ladies just wanted to inform I go to the doctor tomorrow to see if I ovulated!!! I hope I did. I feel like this might be the month Don't know why but I do. I'm trying not get so exicted because I don't want to be let down. Please I would love to hear how some of you are doing. Anything yet?*** baby dust**


Elena - November 23

Hello, just wanted to talk to someone my friend who has pcos and has been going through the same treatment as me called me this morning and told me she was pregnant. I WAS SHOCKED AND HAPPY FOR HER BUT VERY SAD AND JEALOUS, I did the worst thing, CRIED on the phone. Very happy for her but I'm just tried of being let down. I'm only on cycle day 14. She told me not to give up and keep trying. I hope get pregnant this month. I pray every night hoping my prayers will be answered. Getting really depressed writing this so I'm going to go now.


Dianne - December 28

Hang in there Elena , it will only get worse, the longer you are trying to conceive the more dismal it will get, I wish i could say baby dust, but i have to say more hearthache will be coming your way"""""


Mega - December 29

Well then, I'll say Baby Dust, Elena. It'll happen, unfortunately not always as quickly as we'd like. I have PCOS, & been TTC #1 for 17 mos. now. It's tough, but you've got to hang in there. I'd think you have a much better chance now of getting pg since the lap removed your scarring. Keep us posted! Here's hoping for that BFP in 2006 for all of us.


Joy - December 29

Hi girls, I am having a laparoscopy done on Jan. 9 to look for scar tissue. I had an HSG done and my tubes were fine, however, they did see something outside around the tubes which they think may be scar tissue. My ovaries are fine and my uterus too, although they will be doing a hysteroscopy as well just to make sure. I was diagnosed with Endo in 2001 and they removed a big cyst from my left ovary. I was on lupron for six months, but I was not trying to conceive at that time. Endo can come back. When I had the last surgery, my doctor told me that now was the best time to try and get pregnant, but again I was not looking to get pregnant at that time. I also had a CA125 blood work done this time, which if it is elevated can be a sign of Endo. Mine came out elevated so now there are two reasons to believe it may have come back. I am a little nervous, but not too much. I have been ttc for a year now and we think it may be this that is not letting my tubes function properly and therefore not getting pregnant. Hopefully now when I have my laparoscopy I get pregnant quickly. To all you girls out there with the same problem, don't give up. My doctor told me that endo does not prevent you from getting pregnant if you take care of it. I will keep you posted. Good Luck to all and baby dust!!!!



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