Laposcropy surgery to get you pregnant
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Elena - September 4

Hi, I'm 23yrs and ttc. I found out over a year ago that I have pcos. With a year of trying still no pregnancy. My doctor decided to do a dye test which there he figured out that my ovaries might be clogged and to correct that I would have laposcropy surgery. Which my question is anyone out there has had this type of surgery and gotten pregnant right away? Please desperate to know what I have to expect. My doctor say's I should get pregnant right away. **** I HOPE***


kc - September 4

My dh and I tried for 18 months with not luck. I had a lapro. done to see what the problem was. I had endo. The surgery cleaned out the endo and 6 months later I conceived my daughter now 4 1/2. We are currently trying for #2 for 16 months. I'm hoping my doc does another one. It seemed to help the last time. Lots of luck. The surgery is not that bad. The worst part was waking up. I got a sick stomach from the meds. I hope all goes well for you.


to elena - September 4

hi, im due to have a laparoscopy on october 17th thats in a couple of weeks, im a little nervous but so excited as well. its supposed to be really good to help conceive, so i can't wait i've been trying for 2yrs with no hope. good luck


Chris - September 6

I have a lap due on november 14, i have been trying for three years, baby dust to you all, i have block tubes


elena - September 7

thanks so far, at least I'm not the only one going through this. I get the laposcropy on September 20th which I'm nervous but anxious. which this is in two weeks I will keep you all posted. thanks ****baby dust****


christine - September 7

hi elena, is it for blocked tubes or endo?


eb - September 8

Hi all, I am having my lap done on fri 9/9. for blocked tubes, I'll let everyone know how it goes.


elena - September 8

well when I went for my dye test last week he noticed the salt water and dye was not traveling through so he said if they weren't blocked it would have gone through so he thinks there is a blockage or scar tissue around there. we won't be for sure until he does the laposcropy. I was a little upset that day and started crying because I wasan't sure what to expect but he did say it shouldn't be a problem getting pregnant. but I will keep you updated. Christine you said you had blocked tubes? How long have you been trying?


christine - September 10

hi elena, i have been trying for three years this november, i have one dd who is six years old, i have a miscarriage in january 04. i had a myomectomy done to remove fibroids the lap is my last hope , my dh sperm analysis is ok, i am ovualtion well. i will keep you posted.


elena - September 20

Good moring girls, just wanted to let you know that I'm going in 2 hours have to my surgery. When I'm up and feeling better I will let you guys know how it went I will be off the rest of this week. *** wish me luck maybe this will work and I will get pregnant***


eb - September 20

Hi girls, i had my lap done on 9/9 I had blocked tubes and they found and removed edo behind my uterus. It took me a full week to really feel GOOD. But the dr says that this should do the trick I go back on 9/26 for recheck.


to Elena - September 20

Hi, i'm having a laparoscopy in 26days which i'm very excited about because alot of women have gotten pregnant in the first 3months of trying after the op so good luck and when are you having it done? are you in england? if so is it NHS??


Christine - September 20

Good luck ladies mine is nov , heres hoping we will have some BFP on this board soon


elena - September 22

Good morning ladies today is my 3rd day and I'm very sore and nautious and bleeding other wise doing well. defintley wouldn't get surgery again I did feel uncomfortable before they put me to sleep just thinking was this worth it but I said to myself this the only way you will be able to have a baby. surgery went well all though doctor did find something and my sugery ended up being longer. He found lot's of scar tissue and my left tube was twisted along with my bowel and fix it all. He did say my ovaries were great he ended up having to make a Incision in my belly button and pubic bone. As I was in recovery he told my family that everything went great but that was the most scar tissue and he has ever seen and thats probably how my tube and bowel was moved around and twisted. Then the question everyone asked for me can she get pregnant? He's say's now I don't see a problem. This is why she was not getting pregnant at first with the pcos and the scar tissue etc.. so
I see the doc back in two weeks and from their back to the fertilty drugs and off to baby making again hopefully it will happen very soon! Did have my father in law and my best friend's mother both have a dream that I got pregnant withing a month of surgery and they both said it was going to be a girl. Hopefully they were right about the dream. I will keep you updated. Surgery isan't that bad all though I had more done then the hysteroscopy and laproscopy and the d and c. But it was all worth it. I wish everyone luck keep me posted with how you guys do, and the person who asked me were I'm from USA ,Florida **** BABY DUST TO ALL****


christine - September 24

good luck , baby dust to you elena


Melissa - October 1

To Elena: It sounds like we are going through very similar experiences. I also had a lap on the 20th & was told that scar tissue was all over my liver, bowels, ovaries & tubes. Did your doctor know what was causing the scar tissue? At first my thought it was from an infection-she didn't think it was endo, then after the lab results came back it's definitely not endometriosis, but some other kind of endo"thing"---I can't remember exactly what she said. She also said the cells resembled the cells of tumors that form on the uterus. She says no malignant cells have been seen, BUT she's sending me to a gyno-oncologist just to let him see if he can figure out where the scar tissue came from. Anyway...what did your doctor say? Was yours endometriosis? I know my doctor is just being cautious before she gives us the go-ahead, but I am really nervous!


Elena - October 3

to melissa actually mine was not endo. he said it could have been a infection that i have gotten when i was younger and not realized it. i asked him if we could start baby booming on my last check up appt and he said we need you to wait six weeks to heal from the surgery and then in november we will start. right now he still has me on birth control to keep my hormones elevated due to the pcos, i have two packets left this month and november which he told me on the 1st of my period i'm supposed to call the office and have then book me a appt on the 14th day to have a ultrasound to see how many follicles i made and if they are a good size he will tell me to go home and start working on making a baby i'm also on that 1st day taking clomid 50 mg to get me to ovulate. i'm pretty exicted hopefully it will work since my tubes are clear now!! wish me luck. to melissa i really don't thnk you have anything to worry about as long as they took everything all out and you are clean then there should be no problem with you starting to make a baby. will keep you guys posted!! baby dust



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