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rrr - July 13

I had a hsg done few days back.The doc could not insert it as there was some obstruction,but she did in the 3rd try.Now the doc says that i have to do a laporoscopic to clear the path.My tubes are fine.Is this surgery recommended? Does it garantee success?Are there side affects? I know i am asking many Q but i really need answers.


Mez - July 13

Hi there, I have had 2 laporoscopys and both times were different. They cut me in the belly button and few inches below the belly button. It took me about 3 days to recover after the 1st one and about 5 days after the 2nd one but both ops were different procedures. You need to have this surgery so she can clear your tubes otherwise it will take you longer to fall pregnant. The side effects I felt was bloating (they have to pump ur stomach so they can operate) and just being uncomfortable from the incisions. You will also bleed for a couple of days. I would personally speak to you DR as I never went in for anything related to the tubes so it might be a different type of feeling to mine. At the end of the day, you need to have this done and I would go through it all again if it gives me a better chance of concieving.


rrr - July 13

Thanks Mez.Did you concieve after this ops.But my tubes are open,nothing wrong with them but there was some obstruction found in he cervix.The path was not streight but vavy.I am really scared.Is it safe.


kc - July 14

I had the surgery to remove endo and clear my tubes. The surgery was not bad I fully recovered in 2 days. I conceived 6 months after the surgery. The only side affects are: Pain in the neck and shoulders for several days after the surgery from gas used to expand your abdomen escaping. And possible scar tissue in the areas the surgery was performed. I hope this helps. The surgery is relatively safe the worst part was recovering from the anestesia. I was tired and slept for two days. After that no problems. My belly button was swallen and looked horrible for months but did eventually go back to normal. I thought I would let you know. I was upset about the belly button. I didn't realize it took so long to go back to normal.


rrr - July 15

So you all say that on should go for the ops.Is it easier to concieve


kc - July 15

If your problem is blocked tubes this will clear them. Or if you have endometriosis or cycts on your ovaries this will determine your problem and take care of it. It is a relatively safe surgery and I feel it is worth a shot. All I know is we tried for 18 months with two very early mc. 6 months after the laparo. I got pg with my daughter now 4. It's worth a shot. Don't be scared. I was terrified. I later found out I had nothing to be scared of. Lots of luck. Let me know how it turns out.


rrr - July 17

How do they give anesthesia and what kind of discomfort is it after i wake up.


christina - July 17

they out me to sleep, and when i woke, i was just sore, no nausea, nothing, i ate some crackers, gingerale, and a cherry ice, went to the bathroom and went home, it wasnt bad at all, my only pain wasnt ven from the surgery it was the gas in my chest, due to them inflating your abdomin, but it is worth it, i have endo and my last few cycles since the surgery are fantastic, i only take one motrin and feel great, and it willdefinately increase your chances to concieve, i have cousins who have wonderful success stories from it, so dont be worried, do what ya gotaa do and it will be worth it in the end!everyone is so different so this is just some advice, baby dust to all.


christina - July 17

sorry, i was typing fast should have said they put me totally out, to sleep, i asked for anit-nauseas drugs too before and during they admistered so that helped with waking up ok.


kc - July 17

I would ask for anti-nausia drugs as well. I did not receive them and was very ill. It they wouldn't let me go home until I ate a slice a toast and drank some water. It took two hours for me to feel well enought to go home.



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